Volunteer Service Hour Tracking

All student volunteers in the Community Engagement Program should input their hours to be reflected on their achievement record. Now available on the Stonehill app!

Students should log their hours every two weeks on MyHill or via the Stonehill app. Please keep track of your hours as they are completed so you can easily input them!
Community partners will also be able to view the amount of volunteer hours through MyHill. Please contact Katrina Daly in campus ministry for more information.

Directions to Track Service Hours:

-Log on to MyHill
-Click the “MyCampus” tab
-Under the “Campus Ministry-Community Service” section, select “Student Community Service Volunteer Time Reporting”
-Select the Organization with whom you serve from the dropdown menu. If you serve with more than organization, you must log your hours for each organization.
      **Note: If the organization is not listed, contact Katrina Daly in campus ministry immediately.
-Select the time period.
     **Note: If the time period during which you wish to log hours is overdue, contact Katrina Daly in campus ministry immediately.
-Click “Enter Hours” and enter the appropriate amount, then click “Save Hours.”
-You may enter your hours periodically throughout the time period. Once you have submitted all your hours, click "Submit for Approval." 

Please contact Katrina Daly with any questions or concerns!