Question/Concern Contact Extension Location
Academic integrity, academic coaching, course/college withdrawals, transfer student advising, academic intervention, advisor trainings, academic policies & procedures Zach Brown, Director
Academic Services & Advising
x1306 Duffy 104
Student-athlete concerns, practice/game schedules, coaching information Cindy MacDonald, Senior Associate Director
x1052 College Center 204
Internships and domestic programs, Strong Interest Inventory (1st yr students) Andrew Leahy, Associate Director
Career Development Center
x1325 Cushing-Martin 175
Writing and subject tutoring hours & information, request a private tutor for a student Devon Sprague, Director
Center for Writing & Academic Achievement
x1751 MacPhaidin Library
Stress management, test anxiety, mental health concerns, Strong Interest Inventory (2nd yr students) Maria Kavanaugh, Director
Counseling Services
x1331 Chapel of Mary
Students with disabilities, academic accommodations, web accessibility, temporary accommodations due to illness, surgery, etc.  Eileen Bellemore, Director 
Accessibility Resources
x1306 Duffy 104
Student illness, excessive absences due to medical reasons Maria Sullivan, Director
Health Services
x1042 Chapel of Mary
Identity-conscious advising, students of color, inclusion in the classroom, inclusive best practices, international students Constanza Cabello, Director of Intercultural Affairs  x1411 Duffy 149
Study abroad opportunities, requirements for study abroad Jennifer Jackson, Director
International Programs
x1581 Duffy 131
Academic schedule, registration & waitlists, course approvals, credit overload, transcripts John Pestana, Assistant Dean
Registrar's Office
x1315 Duffy 112
Housing, roommate conflicts, residency status Kristen Pierce, Director
Residence Life
x1290 Duffy 145
Billing questions Jennifer Heine, Associate Director
Student Accounts
x1386 Merkert-Tracy 234
Medical withdrawals, students of concern Kevin Piskadlo, Dean of Students
Student Affairs
x1099 Duffy
Student Loans, financial aid, federal work-study William Smith, Assistant VP & Director
Student Financial Assistance
x1088 Duffy 103
Report a disciplinary issue, campus restrictions, community standards Michael Labella, Director
Community Standards
x1816 Duffy 142
Honors students Allyson Sheckler,  Director
Honors Program
x1724 Student Union 207