Applications cannot be approved until all required documentation is submitted to, reviewed by, and approved by the appropriate offices.  As a reminder, this approval process can take some time, and the availability of housing and financial aid is not guaranteed. Beginning the process and submitting documents as early as possible is best, but Stonehill recommends that you adhere to the following deadlines to ensure sufficient processing time for readmission paperwork:

  • 7/1: Deadline to submit Readmission Application form
  • 7/15: Return from Medical Withdrawal - Provider documentation/re-entry form(s) due to appropriate campus health offices (Counselling/Health Services)
  • 8/1: Return from Medical Withdrawal - Deadline to complete re-entry meeting with appropriate campus office and for the Office of Academic Advising to receive clearance notification from the Office of Student Affairs/Dean of Students  
  • 8/1: Return from Academic Separation - Deadline for official transcript(s) to be received. Transcripts must be submitted directly to the Registrar's Office. Contact with any transcript questions. Readmission applications cannot be approved prior to transcripts being received and processed.
Duffy Academic Center – 104

The Office of Academic Advising coordinates all of the College's resources to focus on and advocate for individual student success. The office provides students with information on academic programs, majors and minors, as well as aids students facing difficulties, academic or otherwise.