Advising Resources for Faculty

Academic Intervention System

The Office of Academic Services & Advising is invested in connecting with and supporting students that you identify as struggling. Please use the Academic Intervention System at any point in the semester to bring our attention to students that are experiencing difficulty with attendance, performance, or general readiness. Learn more.

Academic Policies and Procedures  

The Office of Academic Services & Advising provides consultations on Academic Policies to both faculty and students. The Hill Book serves as the online, accredited version of the Stonehill College Academic Catalog. This essential resource contains useful information about the College’s academic programs, partnerships, degree requirements, course offerings, grading policy, and academic procedures and resources. Visit the Hill Book.

Advising Tools and Resources

Advisors play a fundamental role in helping students to shape their educational goals. Here's an overview of available advisor tools and resources. Learn more.

Advisor Referrals

If a question or concern that you cannot answer arises, use this link to access a list of possible on-campus referrals.

Guiding an Advising Session

The Office of Academic Services & Advising has developed  a guideline for conducting an advising session at any time of the year.  At its core, advising is a learning process and faculty advisors are encouraged to adopt the pedagogy that they feel best supports their relationship with each student.  We hope that this outline serves as a helpful reminder of student needs and expectations, as well as the information available to advisors. Learn more.