Faculty Grant News

Dr. Karen L. Anderson, Associate Professor of Education, received Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship funding from the National Science Foundation, the largest grant in the College's history.  Communities of Practice: Teacher Preparation and Beyond will increase the number and diversity of top-notch mathematics majors preparing for careers in K-12 education.  Funding will also support the efforts of Stonehill and its partner K-12 school districts in the preparation of exemplary teachers and the retention of new teachers through innovative, systemic and sustained infrastructure and programming.  Karen is joined in this project by co-PIs, Prof. Kathleen McNamara and Dr. Eunmi Yang, both from the Department of Education; and  Dr. Eugene Quinn and Dr. Timothy Woodcock, both from the Department of Mathematics.  

Dr. Karl Giberson, Professor of Writing, received a donation from the John Templeton Foundation to support his teaching in religion and science and writing efforts as part of Stonehill's Cornerstone Program of General Education.  Professor Giberson will teach the First-Year Seminar: Has Science Disproved God? while continuing to write about the Big Questions in major media outlets, such as the Huffington Post.

Dr. Sean Mulholland, Associate Professor of Economics, received support from the Charles Koch Foundation to again host a seminar entitled "A Weekend Seminar Exploring Liberty." This seminar assembles Stonehill faculty and students, as well as individuals from nearby colleges and universities, to explore the historical, economic, and philosophical foundation of a free society.

Dr. Anna Ohanyan, Associate Professor of Political Science, has earned a Fulbright Research/Teaching Fellowship Award to Armenia where she will teach and conduct research. While in Armenia, Anna seeks to diversify instructional technologies in higher education and will develop professional development programs for faculty.  In addition, she will research the prospects and limitations of regional cooperation in politically divided areas, such as the Balkans and South Caucasus.

Dr. Chris Wetzel, Assistant Professor of Sociology, received funding to author a paper for the Aboriginal Leadership and Management program at the Banff Centre.  In addition, he presented his work at the Wise Practices in Indigenous Community Development Symposium in September, where he participated in a panel discussion on Indigenous leadership development in Australia and the United States.