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It is our intention that by participating in the components of Anchors, Stonehill students will:

  • Develop a more complete understanding of themselves
  • Understand and articulate leadership from both personal and professional perspectives
  • Learn and value inclusive leadership talents and principles
  • Identify and practice skills necessary for positive and productive relationships
  • Become ethical leaders whose values are congruent with their actions
  • Encounter opportunities to apply and reflect upon leadership abilities and practices

Certificate Program

The certificate program is a three-tiered, model by which students complete various requirements that progressively advances their understanding, competency and practice of leadership.

Stonehill students may apply to the certificate program during any of their years at Stonehill. Applications will be made available at the beginning of each semester.

Tier I - Self-Exploration

Learning more about yourself and how beliefs, values, feelings and strengths influence your leadership practices. 

Tier 1 requirements include:

  • Four main group meetings held throughout the semester (all from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday evenings)
  • Four campus experience journal entries
  • Minimum of two meetings with assigned Anchors Mentor

Tier II: - Groups & Relationships

Understanding more about group dynamics, leading and communicating effectively within a group, team building and motivation, and delegating.

Tier III: - Action, Society & Reflection.

Learning how to network, make meaningful decisions, become an involved citizen, and teach leadership skills.