Did you know there are Stonehill faculty and staff members who identified as international students too? Many attended undergraduate or graduate school on a student visa just like you. Whether you need a little guidance or just want to talk to someone about your experience, the faculty and staff members on this list will be eager to meet you. 

Faculty and staff who are interested in being listed should email diversity@stonehill.edu

Ana M. Glavin

Title: Manager of Advancement Information Systems
Email: aglavin1@stonehill.edu
Campus Phone: (508) 565-1127
Office Location: Merkert Tracy Room 105
Country of Origin: Venezuela
Country of Citizenship: USA
International student experience: I came to the US in 1984 to study ESL at New Hampshire College in Manchester, NH, after a year, I received a full scholarship to study Management Information Systems. I graduated in 1984 and I was fortunate to get a job at a bank for my practical training for one year. As the end of the year quickly was approaching, I went to a job fair held at New Hampshire College where I applied for a business analyst position for Computer Management Dynamics. God was watching over me the day of my interview as I only had 4 weeks left of my practical training and I received the offer and the willingness of the company to sponsor me for a H1-Visa. People I worked with were very supportive and helpful. I followed my lawyer’s advice to learn from this job as much as I could and not to think about applying for the green card until I was sure I wanted to stay in the US. I took advantage of the tuition reimbursement benefit at Computer Management Dynamics and I started my MBA program part-time at nights at New Hampshire College. Days were longer and challenging but I received my MBA degree in March 1991. Three years have gone by and I felt I owed it to myself to stay here as the US offered unlimited opportunities to be someone. I did try to go back to Venezuela and applied for jobs, but the glass ceiling mentality was so pronounced. I knew I will never be able to grow and have a management position in Venezuela. I contacted the same lawyer that helped to get my H1 Visa and we started the process for a green card, the process was long and my faith kept me going and my belief that if it’s meant to be it will be. 34 years later, here I am.
#1 tip for international students: Be a contributor to this enrich culture, learn the language, and always be willing and ready to learn something every day

Constantinos Mekios

Title: Associate Professor, Philosophy
Email: cmekios@stonehill.edu
Campus Phone: (508)565-1251
Office Location: Duffy 229
Country of Origin: Greece
Country of Citizenship: Greece
International student experience: I arrived in the USA from Greece on a student visa (F-1) at the age of 19, in order to pursue a degree in biochemistry and to play college basketball. After one year at Iona College, a period during which the adjustment to language and culture  -- as well as to American basketball  -- seemed to me like a far greater challenge than doing well in undergraduate courses, I decided to transfer to the State University of New York at Stony Brook. In this new environment, and despite my relatively limited command of the English language, I felt confident enough to take my first philosophy course. This was a somewhat unplanned choice which would radically alter my plans for the future. In retrospect, I can clearly see that my introduction to philosophy impacted me as strongly as my relocation from Athens to New York: both of these experiences made it possible for me to discover new worlds. I graduated from Stony Brook as a philosophy/biochemistry double major in 1995 and spent four years studying in the Department of Genetics and Development at Columbia University before ultimately earning a doctorate in philosophy from Boston University in 2007.
#1 tip for international students: Take words of advice from faculty with a grain of salt.

Heidi Marshall

Title: Residence Director of Assessment and Planning
Email: hmarshall@stonehill.edu
Campus Phone: (508) 565-1512
Office Location: New Hall 107
Country of Origin: Jamaica
Country of Citizenship: Jamaica
International student experience: I went to Bryant University for undergrad in 2010 and got my Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Math. While on OPT after graduating, I was not fortunate to secure a job and had to go back home in Oct of 2014. At the same time, I was looking into a career change, and ended up applying to grad schools for higher education/student affairs. Got accepted to Boston College and went there in 2015 to secure my degree in Higher Education Administration. While on my OPT time, I got a job here at Stonehill as a Residence Director. A year later I am still here, now working in a position that fuses my love of my actuarial math background with my student affairs background.
#1 tip for international students: Give yourself time tmailto:htodt@stonehill.eduo adjust and reach out to people you trust and confide in them. Living in a different country, time zone and/or climate is A LOT to adjust to, in addition to all the ups and downs of being at college.

Heiko Todt

Title: Associate Professor of Mathematics
Email: htodt@stonehill.edu
Campus Phone: 506-565-1765
Office Location: Duffy 249
Country of Origin: Germany
Country of Citizenship: Germany
International student experience: I was an exchange student in Worcester, MA, for one year during high school. After starting my university studies in Germany, I received a scholarship for a one-year exchange program at Penn State. I ended up working with a professor during that year who encouraged me to complete my studies at Penn State. I eventually stayed at Penn State for 7 years earning both a Master Degree and a PhD from there. After graduation I started working at Stonehill and I have been here for 7 years now. All my exchanges were done under a J-1 visa. After graduation I obtained a Green Card through marriage to a US citizen.
#1 tip for international students: Go into this with open eyes and an open mind. There are so many unique opportunities available to you. Talk to people, travel, take it all in, and see what’s out there.

Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal, Ph.D.  (on sabbatical for Fall 2019)

Title: Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology
Email: atwymanghoshal@stonehill.edu
Campus Phone: 508-565-5649
Office Location: Martin Institute 235
Country of Origin: It’s Complicated... India/Poland/Austria
Country of Citizenship: British
#1 tip for international students: Be open to new experiences and enjoy being different!

Jungyun Gill (on sabbatical for Fall 2019)

Title: Associate Professor of Sociology  
Email: jgill@stonehill.edu 
Campus Phone: 508-565-1985
Office Location: Martin Institute 236
Country of Origin: South Korea
Country/ countries of Citizenship: United States
International student experience: I arrived in the United States in 2003 from Seoul, South Korea on a student visa (F-1) in order to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Sociology at the University of Connecticut. While working on my graduate degree, I also took ELS classes during my first year in the United States. For my dissertation, I researched white U.S. parents who had adopted children from China, South Korea, and the Philippines. I have been teaching at Stonehill College since the fall of 2012. Most of my family members are in Seoul, South Korea, but my lovely sister and her family live in Massachusetts. 
#1 tip for international students: Be confident. Be proud of who you are. Be curious. Be brave. Make many friends and have conversations with a variety of persons. Don't be shy of seeking help when you are under stress.