In keeping with the Stonehill College Mission, we strive to provide a learning, working, and living community free from hate, discrimination, harassment, and intolerance. As such, the Bias Incident Response Protocol has been developed to address instances of bias that undermine our campus mission.

The fabric of our community can be impacted by negative behaviors, language, and treatment towards one another. As such, the Bias Education Response Team (BERT) and Bias Incident Protocol were implemented to hold each other accountable and to address when individuals choose to participate in bias-related and hateful acts. The purpose of the BERT is to provide a structure for action, assistance, and appropriate communication in the event of a bias incident or hate crime in both a timely and productive manner. Stonehill College takes these actions seriously, and bias related incidents are addressed swiftly.

Faculty, staff, students, vendors, and visitors are strongly encouraged to report a bias incident or hate crime to the College. For immediate assistance or in the case of an emergency, please contact Campus Police at x5555 from an on-campus phone, or 508-565-5555 from an off-campus or cell phone. 

Please note: Reports involving students are sent to the Director of Intercultural Affairs, and reports involving faculty/staff are sent to the Director of Human Resources. Reporters may self-identify or remain anonymous; however, anonymous reporting may impact the College’s ability to respond or pursue appropriate action against the alleged offender.

Response: All reports of bias incidents are initially reviewed by the Director of Intercultural Affairs or Director of Human Resources. An assessment is made to ensure that appropriate College officials can be notified of a bias incident. If the reported act is determined to be a bias incident or hate crime, the Team will work to consider appropriate educational measures to address the incident if the report was submitted anonymously. If the reporter is known, the Team will work with the individual to determine a resolution.

Bias Incident Reporting Form