Both Stonehill College and Federal Regulations (USDA and PHS) require training and continuing education of all scientists, research technicians, animal care technicians, and all others involved with animal care and use.

The IACUC is required to act as an agent of Stonehill College to determine that personnel are adequately trained and qualified to conduct procedures and to maintain documentation of this training.

Training Requirements

All students and personnel are required to participate in the Laboratory Animal Training Program. To remain in compliance, this training is required of all animal users every three years. Please email the IACUC administrator for the next available training session.

As part of this comprehensive training program, the IACUC also requires all animal care personnel (including students and faculty) to participate in  a risk-based Occupational Health and Safety Program.

Please email email the IACUC administrator for training requirements.

You must complete any other appropriate training modules as required by your supervisor.

Contact Info:

Heather J. Yu

Heather J. Yu

Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience