Donahue Hall

Position Summary

The Vice President for Enrollment Management at Stonehill College is a dynamic and pivotal leadership role, reporting directly to the President. This full-time position holds overarching responsibility for the supervision of enrollment services, requiring a collaborative approach at the strategic level with senior administration. The incumbent will provide visionary leadership, effective planning, program development, and budget oversight, ultimately being accountable for all aspects of student recruitment.

In this influential role, the Vice President will lead and inspire a dedicated team across admissions, marketing, and public relations. The focus is on making a significant impact on the College's future through leadership initiatives, enrollment growth, and close collaboration with faculty and staff.

Key responsibilities of this position include serving as the chief consultant to the President on admissions, financial aid, marketing, public relations, and student services. The Vice President will actively engage with campus constituencies to contribute to a strategic visioning process, resulting in a widely-embraced plan for the College's future growth in student enrollment and services. Additionally, the position involves providing recommendations to the President for the appointment, promotion, or dismissal of enrollment management and student services staff.

In the realm of Enrollment Management, the Vice President will present enrollment goals and information to the President and the President's Cabinet. This includes designing and implementing a College Marketing and Recruitment Plan, ensuring a comprehensive follow-up system, and overseeing the availability of recruiting materials. Utilizing current admissions, financial aid, marketing, and retention data is crucial for guiding enrollment planning.

Further responsibilities encompass the administration of day-to-day activities related to marketing, recruitment, and admissions functions. The Vice President will advise the President and Vice Presidents on matters related to public relations, image, and enrollment trends, actively contributing to the development of the College's image and recruitment management plan. Leadership and direction will be provided to the enrollment management staff, ensuring the strategic plan for enrollment growth and College awareness in the region is effectively executed. The incumbent will maintain a high profile within the community, fostering relationships with public and private schools, as well as area colleges and universities.