These interdisciplinary groups meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and are designed to motivate faculty and increase their scholarly productivity by challenging them to set their own scholarship goals, report back to colleagues on their progress during each meeting, all while holding other members accountable to their goals.

The CETL handles the logistics – assembling the groups, determining times to meet based on faculty members schedules, and booking rooms / providing zoom access (when and where appropriate).

Who should consider joining?

Are you working on a paper, monograph, book chapter, grant proposal or other academic writing project? If so, then a Write Start: Goal Setting & Support Circle is for you!

Write Start: Goal Setting & Support Circles can:

  • Counteract the isolation inherent within much of scholarly and creative work
  • Reignite interest in, and commitment to existing, yet unfinished projects
  • Support ongoing productivity
  • Help you rethink a project
  • Provide feedback on a draft manuscript, or partial manuscript
  • Remind us what our students may be experiencing when we assign them writing

If you would like to join a Write Start: Goal Setting & Support Circle, please contact the CETL Faculty Director . Although groups are typically created at the start of each semester, additional groups will be formed on an as needed basis.

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