Individual consultations serve as the beginning of a conversation and allow the CETL Faculty Director and the faculty member to work collaboratively to determine the best next steps.  

Examples of next steps after initial consultation include, but are not limited to: 

Classroom observation with focused feedback. designed for faculty seeking focused feedback on specific areas of their classroom practice. Classroom observations begin with a pre-observation meeting to identify the focus of the observation, a post observation debrief with goal setting, and follow-up meetings as needed to identify additional areas and sources of support.

Best practices in syllabus design and redesign. designed for faculty seeking focused feedback on specific elements within their syllabus. Although general feedback is available, this opportunity is best taken advantage of when faculty have specific areas of focused concern (for instance, assignment design, rubric development, etc.).

Making sense of student course feedback data. designed for faculty seeking to identify general trends within their course evaluations (mid or end-of semester) with the goal of identifying one (or potentially two) focus areas.

For more information or to set up an appointment for an Individual Consultation, please contact the CETL Faculty Director.

Faculty Director