• Why I Love My 40-Year-Old Spreadsheet


    For the past 40 years, Tom Bogan '72 has tracked every workout and event in the same spreadsheet. The long-running accounting of activities has offered the opportunity to revisit a life's worth of experiences.

  • The Economics of Success


    Graduates of Stonehill’s economics program gain the experiences and highly coveted skill sets that open doors in a vast array of fields.

  • Andrew Schweighardt ’06

    ‘Science is the pursuit of truth’


    A story of how an alumni mentor and supportive faculty helped pave the way for a leading criminalist in the field of forensic science.

  • DeBrenna LaFa Agbényiga

    Stonehill College Appoints its Third Provost


    Stonehill College has announced the appointment of DeBrenna LaFa Agbényiga, Ph.D., MBA, MSW, as its new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs effective December 1, 2020.

  • Claudia with her children

    The Generosity of Many Help a Student Find Her Calling


    Yes, our Photonics Certificate Program is about light. But the light at the heart of this student’s story transcends science and touches on both the power of knowledge and how a selfless act of kindness can turn a person’s life around.

  • Stonehill breaks new ground on evolution


    New research, conducted by biology faculty and students over more than fifteen years and published in Scientific Reports, identifies a genetic variation in mushrooms that may allow individual organisms to undergo adaptive changes within a single lifetime.