At Stonehill, we are a community of scholarship and faith—where students are challenged and nurtured in face-to-face conversations, interactions, and experiential learning opportunities. As a result, they hone skills vital for our world today—how to collaborate, build consensus, and lead by example. Without students, our campus is not whole. 

Given this, the College is committed to providing an in-person campus experience, in the safest manner possible, for as many community members as we can. With plans for fall underway, we have an opportunity to return to our Stonehill campus and continue to offer an education of the highest caliber—one that inspires both the minds and hearts of our students.

There are still many questions that we do not yet have answers to, and we recognize that this uncertainty can be unsettling. Please be assured that we are committed to ensuring the safest living and learning environment for our community members.

This resource provides details on what we know at this point and how we will work to return to campus safely, as we strive to preserve the health of our community members. Our planning discussions are ongoing, and we will continue to monitor and consult the guidance provided by state and public health officials.  

Our approach for mitigating the spread of this virus is rooted in our responsibility to ourselves and our neighbors, as what we all do as individuals protects our entire community. As such, prevention is the most important step we can take to protect the health and safety of the College community, and all community members must directly and intentionally promote prevention efforts and mitigation measures.

As we return to campus, there is no doubt we will need to re-envision both the academic and overall student experience given the new realities we are confronting. Stonehill will be intentional in our actions, and we must lead with courage and by example. There may never be a time in the history of the College when the complete cooperation and the actions of each individual in this community have had a more direct impact on the continued functioning of College operations and the health and safety of the community.

Return to Campus Protocols

Stonehill College’s reopening plan is guided by five main points: 

  1. The health and safety of our community members is paramount, and we will make data-informed decisions based on research, guidance, and regulatory protocols from state and local health officials, our own internal expertise, and national best practices. In addition, we remain committed to the emotional health and wellbeing of our students and employees through our Human Resources, Campus Ministry, Health and Wellness, and Counseling Services outreach efforts. 
  2. We have developed a revised and responsive academic calendar that begins on August 24th, which is earlier than our traditional opening date, and ends in-person instruction for the fall semester prior to Thanksgiving as a way to mitigate risk due to travel and best protect the campus at the start of flu season. 
  3. We will deliver a rigorous, engaging and safe as possible academic experience for all students that includes a combination of in-person and remote learning opportunities. This includes upgrading technology in all classrooms to ensure high-quality instruction. 
  4. In regards to residential living, we are shifting to a lower-density model where possible, adhering to best practices around physical distancing and use of masks/face coverings, and increasing targeted cleaning within the residence halls.   
  5. We are establishing partnerships with local medical providers (Broad Institute and Compass Medical) to provide access to testing on campus and establishing comprehensive follow-up protocols for isolation/quarantine and contact tracing.   

We believe this five-point plan will assist us in mitigating the health risks to our community and best ensure the high-quality education experience students have come to expect from Stonehill College.