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Dear Members of the Stonehill Community,

I recognize that the past few weeks have been filled with much uncertainty and unease. We have all experienced significant disruption to our lives, as this public health crisis continues to evolve at a rapid pace. I am truly grateful for the many ways in which our community has come together to care for and support one another, while acting swiftly to ensure students can continue with their academic coursework.

With the continued spread of the coronavirus, we are facing an unprecedented challenge in protecting the health and safety of our community, while ensuring the continuity of our educational mission. After much thought and prayer, and with a heavy heart, I am extending remote learning for the remainder of the semester. I make this difficult decision after monitoring the constantly-changing landscape and following the most recent guidelines provided by our state and federal officials.

Please know that this is not the decision I had hoped for, especially given how it impacts our students. To our seniors, I am deeply saddened that your final semester will not be what you had envisioned. I wish I could bring you back to campus as we originally hoped, yet I cannot do this in good conscience based on the information we currently have regarding this pandemic.


A decision has not yet been made regarding this critical and celebratory event. Should we be unable to hold this event as planned, I promise our Class of 2020 Skyhawks that we will find a time to celebrate this momentous day at some point later this year.

Extending Remote Instruction

Remote instruction will be extended to the end of the spring semester. I am extremely thankful to the faculty and my colleagues in Information Technology who quickly came together to prepare for the transition to online teaching and learning. Without their dedication and hard work, we would not be able to extend this delivery mode option. I am also grateful to our students, who are rising to the occasion and adapting to the online environment.

Extending Work from Home

The College is asking staff members currently working remotely to continue to do so through April 6th. As we have experienced so many changes in such a short time, I want to acknowledge the ongoing contributions of our staff and thank you for your flexibility and generous spirit of collaboration.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life will soon be in touch to provide details and support regarding the process for removing your belongings from your residence hall. We ask that you do not return to campus until you receive further instructions.

Prorated Adjustments

We have received many questions regarding prorated adjustments to room and board expenses. Please know that we are working on this issue and will provide more information to you as soon as possible.

Once again, I would like to thank the many members of the Stonehill community who have reached out in solidarity during these difficult times. As a community of faith and scholarship, I am confident that together we have the spirit, courage, and ability to navigate through this moment of great challenge.

Let us continue to keep one another in prayer.

Yours in Holy Cross,

Fr. John Denning, C.S.C.