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The College has collected resources and information from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Information Technology, as well as details on Spring 2020 deadlines and more.

Financial FAQs

Given that students’ educational processes will continue during this period of online instruction (i.e., students will still receive credit hours and grades), no tuition refunds or reimbursements will be offered.

The College’s Finance Office is working on a financial model to provide prorated housing refunds that will be credited to on-campus residence students who have not been granted an exception to stay in residence. Additionally, refunds will be issued to residence students who have balances on their meal plans.

Refund amounts will be net of any financial aid and scholarships applicable to room and/or meal plans. Refunds for seniors will be issued as check reimbursements, while returning students will receive a credit on their bill for the academic year, 2020/2021.

Because every student’s billing and financial aid situations are different, this process will take some time to review and adjust each eligible student’s account. The refund process will, most likely, not be completed until the end of this spring semester.

It depends on the program, as the College’s contractual agreement with each program host site is unique, including any parameters around refunds. If a program’s agreement does not allow for refunds to the College and the program does not agree to an exception that will extend to students enrolled in the program.

If the College is provided refunds, the amount issued to an eligible student’s account will be specific to each program and may take some additional time to process. Refund calculations will take into account the program’s total cost less any applicable financial aid or scholarships.

Academic FAQs

Can I still switch to Pass/Fail?

The date by which you must notify the Registrar of your intent to take a course Pass/Fail has been extended to Wednesday, April 29th, the last day of classes. You can get more information here or below.

When is the last day I can withdraw from a class?

The deadline for withdrawing from a course for the Spring 2020 semester is Wednesday, April 29.

Can I pass/fail a class for the Moreau Honors Program? And still graduate with honors?

Yes, for this semester only, you can Pass/Fail a class for the honors program and are still eligible to graduate with honors.

Can I still make the Dean’s List if I take a course Pass/Fail?

For the spring 2020 semester only, a student who chooses to take a course under the Pass/Fail Option must have a minimum of nine (9) additional credits from courses graded with standard letter grades to be considered for the Dean’s List.

Can you elaborate on the ramifications for GPA-based Latin honors at graduation with the new Pass/ Fail policy?

When a student earns a P in a Pass/Fail course, the course does not count toward their GPA. Whether or not a student earns Latin Honors at graduation is determined by their cumulative GPA. See the Hill Book for more details on Latin honors at graduation.

Will taking a course Pass/Fail impact my merit scholarship or other forms of financial aid?

Merit scholarship and other sources of financial aid renewal will continue based on a student’s calculated GPA and therefore changing to Pass/Fail will not impact renewal. Students still need to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement. Failure to do so would result in loss of aid, including merit scholarships. Get more information on Satisfactory Academic Progress, here.

Some courses are considered foundational for a major and need a grade of C- or better to advance. How will Pass/Fail impact these courses?

Students should consult with their academic advisor before making the decision to take a course Pass/Fail. In those cases where a course grade of a C- or better is necessary for advancement, the student must continue in that course for a letter grade. Courses offered this semester that require a letter grade for advancement include: BIO 102, BUS203, CHM113, CHM 221, CHM232. Students in courses that are part of a capstone sequence should consult with their academic advisor or department chair.

Can I repeat a course taken as Pass/Fail in a subsequent semester for a letter grade?

Courses taken as Pass/Fail and for which you earned a P can be repeated for a letter grade; courses taken as Pass/Fail for which you earned an F can be repeated for a letter grade or as Pass/Fail.

I am taking one or more classes during the Spring 2020 semester as Pass/Fail—will that count against me in the graduate or professional (e.g., law, medical, etc.) school admissions process?

Graduate and professional school admissions committees are looking at the whole picture, not just one grade or set of grades. What’s more, they welcome addenda explaining anomalies in your academic record. A brief explanation of the circumstances will suffice to allay any concerns they might have. This is true whether you’re applying this year or several years from now with perhaps an odd-looking Spring 2020 semester. And of course, many applicants in the future will have odd-looking Spring 2020 semesters on their transcripts.

Before taking a class for Pass/Fail, students should consult with their academic advisor, the Pre- Health Advisor, Andrew Leahy ( the Pre-Law Advisor, Professor Rob Rodgers (, and for CPA Licensure requirements, Alex Yen (

What if I need a letter grade in a particular course for professional licensure or entry into a specific graduate program?

Before deciding to take a course for Pass/Fail, you should consult with your academic advisor or the licensure officer/advisor in your major program. Many graduate programs will not accept undergraduate courses to count in their program if the course was taken Pass/Fail.

Residence Life FAQs

The residence halls remain closed and secured at this time. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific date and time when students may return to campus to retrieve their belongings.

The governor of Massachusetts has issued an emergency order requiring all non-essential businesses and organizations to close through noon April 7 and there is an assumption that this order will be extended. The order also prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people. Stonehill has moved into severely limited on-campus operations. Faculty and staff are working remotely, and office functions are being performed remotely.

We understand that not having access to your personal belongings can be stressful and frustrating. However, Stonehill must limit access to the campus as a matter of public health and safety. We will implement our move-out process at a time and manner that is safe and appropriate, following guidance from local, state, and federal authorities. We will make every effort to give you reasonable notice regarding the date when you can return to campus to retrieve your belongings. 

We know that students may also have personal belongings in locker rooms, the Sports Complex, laboratories and other academic spaces. The College will work with you to access those items at the appropriate time. 

We ask that ALL residential students who have fully moved out of their room, to fill out the express check out form on My Hill. This will help us plan appropriately for move-out procedures when the time comes.

Please see the Financial FAQ section above.

Additional Recent FAQs

All support offices will remain open and available to students during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)

On our Student Support Resources page, you can find details on how many of the offices below are working to meet remotely with students while campus is closed to all but essential personnel.

Please call or email these offices if you need assistance.