In calculating the Positivity Rating, the College took the total number of tests performed and removed those tests that were not determined to be positive or negative. Certain tests are deemed invalid by the laboratory because they do not contain enough material to be tested. Others are designated as test not performed (TNP) as the test tube arrived in a damaged state at the lab. Both the invalid and TNP tests are removed from the count and the individuals who took those tests are required to work with Testing Center staff to retest that same week. They are also removed from the duplicate tests (test samples collected from the same individual during the testing period). This provided a final number of Counted Tests.

Within that count, the College determined the number of positive results (those samples testing positive for the presence of the virus). Using the Positive Results and the Counted Tests, the College determined the Positivity Rating for the period of time.

Stonehill testing results are being defined as all tests performed on individuals who are part of the Stonehill campus community for the 2020 fall semester as either students, employees, affiliates or partners. Affiliates are other individuals who, while not employees, are regularly on campus while partners are those individuals regularly working on campus with one of our partner companies, such as assisting with dining services or the bookstore.

During on-board testing between August 5, 2020 and August 23, 2020, the percentage of students, faculty, staff, partners, and affiliates who received a positive result from their test was 0.2%.

While this is an interesting number, it is important to remember that the on-boarding process is the result of the gathering of our community together. Therefore, the statistic should be viewed for what it is—the rate of positive cases from a specific group of people, tested over 19 days, who will spend a significant amount of time on the Stonehill campus this semester. It is the weekly surveillance testing that will provide a more accurate accounting of our community going forward.