Beginning in fall 2024, Stonehill College will add several new majors and minors to its roster of more than 100 programs in the liberal arts, sciences and business. These courses of study include a major in Communication Sciences & Disorders, a major and minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, a major in Talent and Human Resource Management, a major in Business Analytics and a minor in Business in the Spanish-Speaking World. 

“The development of these impactful programs reflects Stonehill College’s commitment to providing students the in-demand skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s professional landscape,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Peter Ubertaccio. “I am grateful to our forward-thinking faculty for proposing and stewarding these innovative offerings.” 

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Building off a minor originally introduced to Stonehill College in 2017, this new major will provide students with a solid foundation in speech and language science, speech and language development, audiology, swallowing and non-verbal communication. Combining theory with practice, majors will have opportunities to work in settings such as hospitals, public schools, early intervention centers and private practices. 

“Being a speech-language pathologist or audiologist gives us fulfilling opportunities to help children and adults become effective communicators. It enriches the lives of our clients and fills our souls, knowing we have made a difference in others’ lives,” said Professor of Practice for Speech Language Pathology Robin Goldberg, who serves as director of this program.

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Stonehill’s major and minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies are realizations of the mission of the College’s Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Social Justice, which launched in fall 2021. These courses of study will enable students to examine the complexities of race, ethnicity and power across national and international history. By the time they graduate, degree candidates will be equipped to help address societal challenges facing the world. 

“The major and minor are interdisciplinary by nature and therefore incorporate nuanced material across disciplines to engage holistically with race and ethnicity. As such, I am very excited to see the community building that will take place among faculty, staff and students,” said Professor Stanley Thangaraj, the James E. Hayden Chair for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Social Justice.

Business Analytics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics previously projected 10% growth in business analytic positions from 2022 to 2023. In response to the growing demand in this area, the College’s new Business Analytics major seeks to create a diverse and data-literate workforce by offering students skills in data preparation, forecasting and modeling, data visualization, and more.

“We’re thrilled to launch the Business Analytics major in the Meehan School of Business. This program promises to empower our students with the data-driven skills and ethical grounding needed to navigate and shape the future of business with integrity and insight,” said Associate Professor of Management Information Systems Michael Salé, department chair.

Talent and Human Resource Management

In 2021, the Wall Street Journal ranked Human Resources 35th on its list of 800 “most promising careers of the next decade” based on projected job growth and salary. Geared toward those who want to leverage compassionate leadership and interpersonal communication skills in their future careers, the College’s Talent and Human Resources Management major will help students learn how they can maximize the value of their workplace’s most important asset—its employees. 

“The program’s curriculum will teach students to look beyond the intent behind organizational policies and recognize the impact of those policies on all members of the organization, especially marginalized groups, and then to act on their findings,” said Professor of Management Hilary Gettman.

Business in the Spanish-Speaking World

This minor will provide students with an interdisciplinary opportunity to hone advanced-language skills and cultural competencies, enabling them to successfully conduct business in regions where Spanish is spoken. The multifaceted program’s curriculum aligns with the College’s mission to help students become informed global citizens who can compete in the international job market but also think critically as they navigate cultural barriers.

“This new minor dispels the myth that business and the humanities are incompatible disciplines. Rather, it highlights the valuable interconnectedness of the Meehan School of Business and the May School of Arts and Sciences in terms of both their mission-driven curricula and their shared goal of preparing students for the pluralistic interconnected world that awaits them after graduation,” said Associate Professor of Spanish and Medieval Iberian Studies Peter Mahoney, who developed this program alongside Professor of International Business Jennifer Swanson.