The President’s Cup is awarded to a senior whose Stonehill career demonstrates their steadfast commitment to intellectual excellence and service to others. 

This year’s recipient is a student leader driven by a fervent desire to build a better campus community. Over the past four years, this person used passion and creativity to create change that has helped make Stonehill a more positive and inclusive place.  

Serving as a champion for others with Student Government Association, this person leads with empathy. Responsible for meeting with hundreds of students each year to help them create and run campus clubs and organizations, this student has displayed a remarkable ability to unite diverse groups of individuals so that common goals can be achieved.  

As a devoted mentor, this person has worked tirelessly to help guide incoming students through their first-year experience—putting others first and always lending a helping hand. Time and again, this student has offered insights to ensure other students’ well-being and facilitate their growth. 

As a campus minister involved with the L.I.G.H.T. Community Engagement Program, the H.O.P.E. Service Immersion Program, Chapel Choir and the Moreau Student Ministry, she approaches her work with kindness and understanding. One of her most remarkable contributions to religious life at Stonehill has been the creation of the “Feed Your Faith” program, which brings together people from different backgrounds to engage in meaningful conversations meant to foster spiritual growth and connection.  

The impact of this student’s work extends well beyond the Stonehill community. As one of over 150 student leaders from across the country named to the 2024 Newman Civic Fellow cohort, she has collaborated with stakeholders from other institutions to enhance civic leadership development opportunities for young people nationwide. 

The heartfelt nominations I received from Stonehill staff as well as this student’s peers characterize her as someone who faithfully represents the mission and ideals of the College. One person remarked that her “unwavering positivity and optimism uplift those around her, creating a supportive and encouraging environment where individuals feel empowered to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world.”  

It is my distinct honor to present this year’s President’s Cup to Jessika Crockett-Murphy. 

Congratulations, Jessika! 

Student Life Awards

This program honors those who have made outstanding contributions to Stonehill and the communities surrounding the College.