One thing was on Trisha Brown’s mind when she recently became the second women’s basketball coach in Stonehill College history to notch 400 career wins: gratitude.  

“I am truly grateful to coach the phenomenal student-athletes who make up this program,” she said. “They are the reason a coach reaches this kind of milestone. I am also grateful for the incredible coaches who have been a part of this program and the 400 wins.”  

As the Stonehill community celebrates Brown’s recent achievement, here are 10 things to know about her. 

Coach Trisha Brown poses with her players.

1. She first came to Stonehill in the early 2000s. Brown said she has stayed here for over two decades because she enjoys the people who live and work on our campus. “The community here at Stonehill makes this a very special place to work,” she said. “Also, the ability to be involved in the community, outside of Athletics, has been very important to me.” For the past 10 years, Brown has helped students acclimate to college life by facilitating one of the College’s First Year Experience courses. She was also recently elected to serve on the inaugural Staff Council, through which she works to enhance the Stonehill experience for her colleagues. 

2. She is more than a coach. In addition to coaching the women’s basketball team, Brown also serves as assistant athletic director for staff development. She was promoted to this position in September 2021. “This new role was developed to assist with the support and mentorship of our Athletic Department staff, focusing on well-being, growth and development,” Brown said.  

3. She has her dream job. Prior to working at Stonehill, Brown led the Harvard Crimson women’s basketball team to five championship titles as part of Coach Kathy Delaney-Smith’s staff. Though she enjoyed her time at Harvard, she could not pass up the chance to work at Stonehill. “This dream job prompted my transition to Stonehill,” she said. “Not only was it an opportunity to be a head coach, but it was also a chance to coach at a college that combines the key elements for success. Stonehill has a phenomenal academic reputation and the community support is outstanding.” 

4. She is a trained economist. Brown not only worked at Harvard University; she is also a proud alumna. She graduated in 1987 with a degree in economics. “Although I’m not sure my degree directly affects my duties as a coach, I do know I should have paid better attention in my Organizational Behavior Class,” she jokes. "However, I do call on the law of diminishing returns quite a bit."

5. She was a two-sport student-athlete. Brown excelled as a student-athlete during her time on the Cambridge campus. She played basketball and softball in college. In the years that have elapsed, Brown has transitioned to playing a sport that involves less running. “Nowadays, with two fake knees, I’m focused on perfecting my golf game,” she said. 

Coach Trisha Brown with niece Shannon Brown '16 and nephew Matt Brown '16.

6. She likes Bird watching. Considering that two of her favorite basketball players have the surname “Bird,” it makes sense that Brown ended up becoming a Skyhawk. In college, her jersey number was 33, just like former Boston Celtics player Larry Bird. “Growing up, I liked watching him play,” Brown said. “He was such a gritty competitor.” These days, she enjoys watching Sue Bird (no relation), a player for the WNBA’s Seattle Storm. “She is such a great leader—unselfish, tough, passionate. I love how she has found her voice and I am inspired by her activism.” 

7. She comes from a large family. Brown is one of eight children. Brown’s niece Shannon and nephew Matt are both members of Stonehill’s Class of 2016. Shannon was a student-athlete in the women’s basketball program, while Matt is the namesake of Stonehill’s Matt Brown Perseverance Scholarship. “To be able to share in and be a small part of their college experience is something I will always cherish,” she said. “I’m so proud of what they have accomplished.” 

8. She takes advantage of downtime. When she is not busy coaching, Brown enjoys spending time with her extended family, as well as travelling. She also likes sitting on the beach and reading.  

9. She has good advice. Brown regularly tells her student-athletes to expect and embrace challenges, not just on the court, but also in life. “That adversity and those challenges are what help you grow the most.” Additionally, she likes to remind her players to “be the fountain, not the drain.” 

10. She coaches her students in the game of life. Now that Brown has surpassed 400 career wins, she is focused on other lofty goals. “In the short term, I’ve set my sights on Wordle in one,” she said, referencing the popular online word game. “More seriously, I hope to continue to provide a positive college athletic experience in which our student-athletes learn life lessons through sport.” 

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