Though his official job title is Assistant Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Undergraduate Admission, Scott Seseske sees his role on campus as being that of an ambassador.

“Introducing students and families to the wonderful opportunities here is my favorite part of this job,” he said. “I particularly enjoy meeting people who weren’t initially familiar with Stonehill when they started their college search.” 

As he and his colleagues gear up for this year’s application cycle, here are 10 things to know about Seseske. 

1. He enjoys seeing students flourish. Seseske joined the Stonehill community in 2015. Since then, he has witnessed countless students grow over their four-year college experiences. “Seeing those I met as juniors or seniors in high school transform over their four years at Stonehill is rewarding,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of those really great full circle moments since I started working here.”

2. He knows it takes a village. Reflecting on his time at the College thus far, Seseske notes he is proud of his team’s work developing partnerships with various high schools and community-based organizations like the Ron Burton Training Village, the Cristo Rey Network, Brockton High School and various educational institutions run by the Congregation of Holy Cross. “These partnerships have been critical in helping to diversify our incoming classes,” he said. “They have also helped make a Stonehill education more accessible for those who lack the resources needed to pursue an undergraduate degree.”

3. He thinks applications should be authentic. An important aspect of Seseske’s job involves reviewing materials submitted by all the high schoolers who apply to Stonehill each year. He notes that students should aim for authenticity when completing their application. “They shouldn’t tailor their essay toward what they think we want to read,” he said. “Expanding on the academic experiences, extracurricular activities, family and community involvements that have most impacted them is much more helpful than a laundry list of everything they’ve ever done.” 

4. He sees the beauty in ordinary things. Throughout his career, Seseske has read many memorable college essays, but two stick out in his mind. “One student wrote about her ride to school on public transit in Seattle and another about a weekly study group meeting in a coffee shop,” he said. “The topics themselves may appear mundane, but the way these students presented their essays and helped us to get a glimpse into their personalities and passions resonated.”

5. He likes challenging himself. Seseske first became involved in admissions as a work study student at Providence College. This experience inspired him to pursue a career in higher education. He worked at his alma mater for 11 years before coming to Stonehill. “Since arriving here, I’ve had the chance to step outside my comfort zone and grow significantly as a higher education professional,” he said.

Outside of his work at the College, Seseske is a DJ for WCTK/Cat Country 98.1, broadcast from Providence, Rhode Island, and WNBH/BIG 101.3, a New Bedford, Massachusetts-based station.

6. His English degree still comes in handy. As a student, Seseske juggled his work study job with his pursuit of an English degree. His coursework continues to inform his current role. “The writing, critical thinking and research skills I honed and developed are certainly put to good use, whether I’m developing a presentation, collaborating with our Marketing team on print publications and email campaigns, or simply communicating with internal and external stakeholders.” 

7. He took up running within the last decade. Outside of his work at Stonehill, Seseske is an avid runner. “Megan, my wife, got me into it,” he said. “It’s something I never saw myself doing when I was younger.” Seseske consistently runs 50 miles per month. He has also completed several 10K races and two half-marathons. His goal is to complete a full marathon someday.

8. He is an experienced broadcaster. While attending Providence College, Seseske was involved with WDOM, the school’s radio station. He served as both a DJ and talk show host. Upon graduating, Seseske knew he wanted to stay on the airwaves somehow. “I sent out aircheck tapes to radio stations around New England,” he said. “One in New London, Connecticut, needed someone to cover a weekly shift on Saturdays. I spent about five years driving down there from the Providence area each weekend.”

9. His musical interests span multiple genres. These days, listeners can hear Seseske on WCTK/Cat Country 98.1, broadcast from Providence, Rhode Island, and WNBH/BIG 101.3, a New Bedford, Massachusetts-based station that plays musical hits from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. “Being on the radio in a couple of different formats has exposed me to music I may not have found on my own,” the DJ said. Some of Seseske’s favorite artists include Vertical Horizon, Gin Blossoms, Prince, Madonna, Eddie Money, Garth Brooks, Luke Combs, Carrie Underwood and Bruce Springsteen. 

10. He’s the son of the Mr. Rogers of Radio. Seseske’s father, Alex, was also a radio host. He worked for WUPE/Whoopee 100.1 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. “A lot of my radio personality comes from my dad,” the Stonehill staffer said. “He is a very positive person and that came across on the air. His colleagues called him the ‘Mr. Rogers of Radio.’ I’ve tried to emulate that optimism.” 

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