Stonehill Honors Longtime Leader Francis X. Dillon

November 29, 2018

Over 44 years, Vice President for Advancement Francis X. Dillon ’70, above with his family, has not only helped Stonehill to attract philanthropic support for student scholarships, academic initiatives, and new and improved facilities, he has also been an outstanding friend raiser, developing close ties with legions of alumni, neighbors, and benefactors. In recognition of his accomplishments, close to 300 alumni, trustees, staff, and friends gathered at the Seaport Hotel in Boston on Wednesday to pay tribute to the longest serving vice president in the College’s history.

The evening’s proceeds will go the Linda A and Francis X. Dillon Scholarship, which has already provided scholarships to 15 students, several of whom attended the reception. The tributes to Dillon ran into the hundreds and below we share a selection of them.


“Throughout the years, your constant presence, dedication and commitment to our college have been a joy to witness, not to mention an inspiration to many of us. You led by your example.”
-Tom ’74 & Rosemary (Chadwick) ’74 Clarke


“I will never forget interviewing and meeting Fran back in 1991 as a high school senior. He took a chance on me as not your typical Stonehill applicant. Just this fall, when I returned with my high school senior, Fran came to meet us and made my son feel instantly at home.”
-Victoria Bashant ’95


“Thanks for all your support through the years. You are Mr. Stonehill to many of us.
Doug has big shoes to fill.”
-William Duplisea ’74


“You truly embody Stonehill’s motto of Light and Hope; light to all who initially meet you and hope to all who get to know you. Thank you for your 44 years of exceptional service to Stonehill!”
-Timothy Barry ’88


“You have been the ultimate ambassador for the College. You have been the reflection of Stonehill’s values. A smile always appears when I see you either at a school event or in the community.”
Thomas Amaral ’80


“There are just too many words that I could say to you, Fran. Therefore, I’ll just leave it at this: Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters, and for simply changing my life, forever. I will forever be indebted to you.”
-Randy Jose ’12


“There aren’t words for how lucky I was to start my career working for you. You’ll be the gold standard forever. Stonehill is so lucky to have had you in its service.”
-Megan (Killilea) Richmond ’04


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Mahatma Ghandi
Thank you for leading the way.”
-Thomas Noah ’15


“Thank you for always being the true role model for all that is Stonehill. A beacon of inspiration we all could look up to and will always aspire to be.”
-Bethany Conway ’13


“Your work has touched so many lives and will go on forever through the legacy of our School. You have made as much of an impact as anyone in the history of the school. You wear the purple well!”
-Dan Coughlin ’74 - Trustee


“You have given your heart and soul to this place, and for that we are all truly grateful.”
-Pauline Dobrowski, Vice President of Student Affairs


“I have never worked with someone who has been so professional and compassionate at the same time. Fran has helped to make Stonehill more than just another Catholic college in Massachusetts. He has helped to put Stonehill on the map.”
-Joseph Favazza, Provost