Internship in Entertainment Bolsters Student’s Confidence

March 30, 2015

Interning in the entertainment industry helped Liam Dacko ’16, a mediated communication and journalism double major, build his confidence.

A self-described introvert, Liam says that public speaking doesn’t come easy to him and that “the time I have spent at my internship has taught me that what I have to say matters. Being in this city full of larger-than-life personalities, I’ve gained a confidence that I’ve never had before.”

As an intern at Storyverse Studios & MPRM Communications in Los Angeles, Liam had the opportunity to work in various functions where he gained new skills in production, honed his writing skill, and built his confidence as a speaker.

He wrote Buzzfeed-style articles for the company’s website and served as a production assistant on the set of the studio’s web series, “Super Fan Party Plan.” He also helped with public relations activities, including updating press lists, maintaining the company’s library of publications, preparing press clippings for clients, and drafting press releases.

Liam says that working in Los Angeles is every TV lover’s dream and “coming to LA “is like entering the promised-land.” He says his desire is to pursue a career in television as a showrunner, whose responsibilities include the day-to-day operations of a TV show.

Confident in the experiences that Stonehill’s communication program has provided, he is certain that his dream to become a showrunner – like Shonda Rhimes was for “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” – will come true.