Marketing, Graphic Design Internships Highlight Value of Stonehill Alumni Network

November 13, 2015

A Massachusetts start-up founded by a Stonehill alumna recently provided two students with valuable lessons in marketing, design and entrepreneurship.

This summer, Katherine Stallings ’17, marketing and graphic design dual major, and Emily Maltinsky ’19, undeclared major, interned at Rustic Marlins, a Massachusetts company that manufactures custom wooden signs and furniture for the home, business, and beyond. While both students helped the company produce, package and ship products, each had responsibilities that helped propel the company toward “newer trending markets.”

Under the guidance of Melanie Malone ’99, Rustic founder and president, Katherine served as marketing intern. She helped to implement marketing strategies on social media and was responsible for contacting companies with popular brand names to leverage the Rustic Marlin’s product line. Reflecting on her experience, she says, “I not only feel more knowledgeable about strategic small business marketing, as well as creating a well-detailed company proposal, but I believe that these crucial skills will increase my value as a future employee or possible business owner.”

As design assistant, Emily worked closely with the design room manager helping to produce various large-scale orders. She hand painted each product and took the initiative to package each one carefully, prior to shipping. Of her experience she says, “It has been great working for a start-up company and experiencing the struggles and rewards that only a small business will face and understand. Overall, I have learned that in order to make something great, you first need a dream and then you need to run with it and never look back.”

Stonehill’s alumni network has long proven valuable to students, giving them access to graduates who are willing to act as mentors, help them network and offer career-enhancing internships.

A mutually beneficial experience, internships allow students to gain quality business experience and develop relationships to last a lifetime while alumni gain access to a valuable pool of talent. With over 23,000 graduates in Stonehill’s alumni network, students are able to tap into this pool in order to build upon the solid foundation provided by their education at Stonehill.