Urban Plunge

January 15, 2015

Recently, Rebecca Swiszcz ’18 participated with 15 other students from Stonehill, Notre Dame, Providence College, Salve Regina College and Fairfield University in the Urban Plunge at My Brother’s Keeper, a local Christian service ministry. Reflecting on her experience, which introduced students to the problems of people impacted by poverty and injustice, Swiszcz wrote, “I was able to reconnect with my faith while reevaluating my tendency to judge others, none of which I expected when signing up to volunteer through delivering food and furniture. The experience was physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging, but allowed me to realize how much strength and talent each of us holds and how easy it is to use these qualities in helping others. I will never forget the connections I made, both with the people I served and those with whom I was serving. There is no greater gift than love, whether it is given or received, and I certainly experienced my fair share over the course of the four days.” Pictured from left to right are four members of the Class of 2018 who took the plunge with the co-founder of My Brother’s Keeper: Elaina McDowell, Rebecca Swiszcz, Jim Orcott, Colleen Kenney, and Melissa Parker.