Ten Seniors Explain What Stonehill Means To Them

May 10, 2019

Writing in The Summit recently, nine contributors to the student newspaper reflected on what their Stonehill education has done for them. Below are excerpted quotes from their stories. In addition, we include a comment from Pierrce Holmes '19 who is this year's student Commencement speaker.


"The liberal arts has forced me to step outside my comfort zone and learn how to deal with topics I may not understand, might not particularly enjoy, or even ones that make me uncomfortable. Clubs on campus have allowed me to step into roles of leadership which I would have never believed I could handle a few years ago."
— Meghan DeMacedo


"Everything I’ve experienced here has been beyond my wildest dreams whether it was Chapel Choir, Campus Ministry, my classes, Goose Troupe or The Summit, the people I’ve met have been people I will honestly and truly never forget."
— Tess Wilensky


"Stonehill forced me to analyze things critically and holistically. I hope that I am able to find the best way to achieve 'good' for my fellow students and people of color so that they can reach heights well beyond whatever I may have reached. I want to use the platform and opportunities given to me to be a positive influence for the communities that I have been a a part of my whole life."
— Pierrce Holmes


"I met some of the most amazing professors, some that took me under their wing throughout my career, teaching me not only communication, but life tips, and most I know I will stay close with for the rest of my life."
— Jessica Harlow


"Out of all the choices I made and all the challenges that I faced, the most crucial decision I made here was to change my major the second semester of my junior year. This is pretty late in the game to change majors and I expected to have issues with credits and course requirements that would hinder my pending graduation, but Stonehill made this change easy and put me back on track for success."
— Madison Camelo


"Given that most class sizes are small, I always felt like I had a relationship with my professor. More importantly, any time I showed an interest in a particular topic, I was blessed to have a mentor that would push me to dive deeper."
— Aran Hamilton-Grenham


"Our 384-acre campus is not what makes Stonehill special. It’s not the grass, brick or purple crosswalks. It is the love, compassion, kindness, friendship, zeal and generosity that are packed into every acre that make it special. And all of that is cultivated by the people that make up our community."
— Emily Casey


"I had a study abroad experience in Cork, Ireland that left me with memories and experiences I’ll never forget. There’s no need to brace yourselves for the cheesy study abroad fairy tale story because my experience was hardly that. I learned the hard way that I am capable of taking care of myself alone in an unfamiliar place. "
— Caitlin Mahoney


"Each trip was so drastically different from the last, but the premise remains the same – surrounding yourself with good things. I definitely learned a lot about myself on these trips and know our groups made an impact in the communities we served with."
— Ian Vescera


"Joining The Summit has also been a highlight of my year. Meeting every other week to put together and perfect the school newspaper has been incredibly rewarding. Seeing the newspaper published the following Wednesday never fails to be satisfying."
— Brenna O’Connell