Ten Pieces of Advice from Alumni to the Class of 2014

May 8, 2014

In the latest Stonehill Alumni Magazine, we asked readers, what advice would you give to the Class of 2014? Here is some of what we heard:

Appreciate Time: Your most important asset is your time. Guard it. Use it judiciously for what counts most. You cannot know how much of it you will have. You can do little to increase it.  Everything that wastes time steals part of your life. Focus when you work. Put work aside when you play. Love like there is no tomorrow. Pray that there is a tomorrow. Savor every moment, even the tough ones. From them you will learn how precious time is. Thank God for all you have—every day. Richard Yanikoski, '68

Serve Others: Learn to really listen. The most glorious position is ultimately one of humble service. Serve others with all your heart. There is no greater reward than the true peace that results from the faithful servant. Robert Grant ’90

Stay Involved: You'll find that Stonehill has so much to offer alumni, from events and readings on campus (I still remember attending one of Chet Raymo's readings after I graduated) to networking events to help you find that perfect job. And always make sure to come back for Reunion. Also, stay in touch with the friends you've made at Stonehill—they'll continue to mean the world to you years from now. Mary (Harrington) Hart ’94

Remain Open: Be open to all opportunities—one may allow you to exceed your expectations! Amy (Perkins) Finch '84

Contribute:Stonehill has given you the tools to reach your career goals. Therefore, when opportunity arises, you should point out what an outstanding institution of higher learning it is. In addition, contribute each year to the Alumni Fund. Ronald Dow ’60

Keep Volunteering: In college it is so easy to find volunteering opportunities, especially with programs such as Into the Streets and H.O.P.E. at your fingertips. Once you graduate though, continue in service. Find something you are passionate about, be it homelessness, children's issues, or elder care, and find an organization in your local community where you can make a difference! Erin Casey ’10

Other Duties: No matter what the job description, learn and embrace the phrase, “Other Duties As Assigned.” Nicole (Tourangeau) Casper ’95

Persist: Be humble. Persist and triumph over adversity. Joseph Tucker ’88

Holy Spirit Guidance: Always let the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit be your guide. Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord. Theresa Held P ’14

Never Too Late: After graduating, I realized how truly amazing Stonehill's resources are. It's never too late to get involved in a club or to join a friend for their radio show. Prior to my own graduation I made a point of trying every meal that was offered in the cafeteria, watching a few theatre productions and consuming a considerable amount of chocolates from the financial services desk! Anika Absar ’12