Stonehill Celebrates Post-Graduate Brockton Service Corps

October 10, 2014

In a torrential downpour, members of the Stonehill community recently joined with our Brockton neighbors, including Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter and representatives and students from Trinity Catholic Academy, to celebrate the Stonehill Service Corps (SSC) program in Brockton. Now in its second year, SSC Brockton is a post-graduate service experience in which recent graduates live in Brockton while serving full-time in the community.

This year, nine members of the College’s Class of 2014, up from four last year, are serving full-time at non-profit organizations throughout the City of Brockton.  Sites include the Brockton Interfaith Community (BIC), The Family Center, The Farm at Stonehill, House of Possibilities, My Brother's Keeper, Old Colony YMCA, School on Wheels, and Trinity Catholic.

The nine young alumni live together in a recently renovated home owned by local businessman and philanthropist Leo Vercollone on the grounds of Christ the King Parish and Trinity Catholic Academy. Mr. Vercollone is the President of VERC Enterprises, a family-owned retail convenience store/gasoline, and carwash group with 23 facilities in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

As the Corps members are challenged to live simply in solidarity with those they serve, they receive a modest monthly stipend for food and incidentals and a several vans are provided for their collective use.

The nine recent graduates, all of whom participated in last week’s celebration, began their year of service on August 11th with a four-day orientation. “The common thread that tied each of us together was that we were all Stonehill College Class of 2014 alumni who wanted to dedicate a year of our lives to not only serve those in the Brockton community, but also to take time to discover our passions and reveal our core values in life,” said Christina Scanlon ’14, who is teaching religion and technology at Trinity Catholic as well as running the school’s Upper Campus Extended Day program.

Joining Scanlon for this year’s program, which runs through June of 2015, are Lucas Bradley '14, Annemarie Rosa '14, Devin Ingersoll '14, Lauren Moore '14, Lisa Edwards '14, Sean Borger '14, Dan Gardiner '14, and Emily Dumont '14.

To read more about the Service Corps and what each member is doing to serve the community of Brockton, visit here.