Stonehill Breaks Ground On Sports Complex Expansion

May 16, 2014

L-R: JeiLi Merril ’16, Victor Vizgaitis of Sasaki Associates, Assistant Vice President Paula Sullivan, Bartley “Moe” Regan ’16, President John Denning, C.S.C., Chairman of the Board Tom May, Vice President Pauline Dobrowski, and BOND Brothers President Robert Murray. Photo by Regan Communications Group.

On Thursday, May 15, Stonehill entered a new chapter in its history as it broke ground for a new 50,000 square foot addition to its Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex. Opened in 1988, the building was designed to serve 1,900 students. Today, it serves 2,500 students as the College’s student population has grown. The project, slated to be completed in July 2015, will also include a renovation of the original building.

The new space will house the Rev. Mark T. Cregan, C.S.C. Athletics and Fitness Center which will contain additional weight and fitness facilities and student locker rooms.  The addition will also house 12 new varsity locker rooms with a dedicated varsity weight room, office space for coaches and the Lou Gorman ’53 Pavilion which will display and honor the Red Sox legend’s achievements.

Sasaki Associates is serving as the project’s architect while Bond Brothers, who partnered with the College on the Shields Science Center, will build the 50,000 square foot addition.

“With this project, we are expanding fitness, recreation and athletic options for our students and our student athletes. It is a major undertaking but one worth embarking on in our work to build character in our students and educate the whole person,” said Stonehill President John Denning, C.S.C. on Thursday’s ceremony.

“The Sports Complex project is very much an integral part of our educational philosophy, not simply an add-on or an extra, but essential to the making of a person. What is especially important to us with this expansion is that while it can and will benefit our athletes, it is not just for athletes, but a resource that every student can take advantage of. That is why we are so enthusiastic and supportive of the renovation and expansion. That too is why we are so grateful to everyone who has joined to help us breathe new life into this facility,” explained Pauline Dobrowski, Stonehill’s vice president for Student Affairs.