August 25, 2014

Written by Physics Professor Chet Raymo and published 22 years ago, The Soul of the Night: An Astronomical Pilgrimage recently topped a Boston Globe list of books about stargazing.

Reviewer Katharine Whittemore hailed Raymo’s book for its brilliance. She described it as “a soulful affair, quoting poets like Rilke and Roethke, featuring rich wood engravings by Michael McCurdy, and strewing a nebula of lovely metaphors.” 

In the book, Raymo’s essays link the mysterious phenomena of the night sky with the human mind and spirit, as he ranges through the realms of mythology, literature, religion, history, and anthropology. 

Raymo began teaching Physics at Stonehill in 1964. He served as an educator and an influential member of the academic community for 37 years before retiring from full time teaching in 2001.

During his career as a Stonehill professor, Raymo’s teaching earned him the honors of the College’s Moreau Medallion and the Louise Hegarty Award for Excellence in Teaching. 

For almost two decades, Raymo wrote “Science Musings,” a highly acclaimed weekly column for the Boston Globe. In 1998, Raymo won the Lannin Literary Award in non-fiction for his body of works concerning science. Additionally, Stonehill honored his triumph by naming a college literary series after him.