Simply The Best: A Mother's Day Tribute

May 6, 2016

We asked the Stonehill community to share with us why their mothers are simply the best. Below are our four winner, who received a copy of the novel Mimi Malloy, At Last!, written by alumna Julia MacDonnell ’70. The book was the No. 1 pick for Mother’s Day giving last year by

Thank you to all who submitted such lovely tributes to their moms. Happy Mother’s Day!


"My mother is the greatest because just writing about her puts a big smile on my face, and a hundred words would never be enough to talk about all her qualities. She does everything with the best intention. She can laugh until she runs out of breath; until her laugh becomes funnier than her joke.   She spoiled me, disciplined me, and loved me. She gave me wings, and never doubted my capacity to fly. She made mistakes so I could learn. She dealt with my rebel years like a champ, and today she is the best grandma to my children!"

- Gabriela Roias- Facilities


Jennie Cicollo – Jennie Cicollo – Jennie Cicollo 
She is my Mother-in-God
A friend of faith
A blessing from above
I bare my soul and my secrets
They are bound forever
She listens like an angel
Acknowledges my pain or joy
Needs nothing in return
Tender Mercies
Your Daughter-in-God

-Silvina F. Miller- Recreational Sports


How many hats do you have? I find that I ask myself that question every time I think about my mom. She has been a mother, father, friend, and support system throughout my entire life. For her, it is just a day in an average life but to me and my sister it seems like the day in the life of a superhero. Yet she doesn’t wear a cape and doesn’t take credit for her contributions to our lives… She always allowed us to flourish in many ways and spreads her love to everyone she has crossed paths with.

-Alex Patturelli ’16


My mother has shaped me into the man I am today. She encourages me, she supports me, and she challenges me each day to be a better person. She was the one who taught me compassion, empathy, kindness, and love. She showed me confidence, pride, and courage. She taught me to laugh, to explore, and to engage. My mother is the single most formative person in my life, and I hope that one day I can return everything that she has given me.

-Nathan M. Strozewski ’17