Senior Class Shovel Presentation

August 29, 2012

by Lindsey Beauregard

On behalf of the senior class, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Class of 2016, as well as an invitation, and encouragement to make the most out of your next four years.

We seniors can attest to the fact that the next four years really will go by as fast, as, I'm sure everyone had told you. And to the Class of 2013- welcome back! I can't believe we are sitting here today as Stonehill College seniors.

I stand before you today to honor a Stonehill tradition and proudly present to Father Cregan and the entire Stonehill community the Class of 2013 senior class shovel.

Somewhere between contemplating the never ending question: "what kind of shovel best represents our class?" and getting flooded with "This Week at the Farm" emails, I found the answer- an Ames family farming shovel.

As many of you know, the Farm at Stonehill is an initiative of the Mission Division at Stonehill College. It is a sustainable organic farm that grows and distributes produce to local organizations to help feed families who lack access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables.  

The Stonehill community plants, grows and tends to the produce on the farm. Once that produce is ready for harvest, the work that Stonehill had put into it, allows it to move on to its next phase- from the farm to dinner tables across the greater community.

My classmates and I came to Stonehill three years ago, and sat in the same exact spot as the Class of 2016 is now. We were not fully grown; had not yet reached our full potential. We had a lot to learn, explore and accomplish before we became ready for our next phase: from on campus to out in the community.

As we have come into our last year at Stonehill College, we have all become so much more than we ever thought possible. Our class has studied abroad, tested our skills at internships, taken on leadership positions, served the community and have studied extensively in our chosen majors. We have learnt, served, and grown.

But, we could not have done it alone. Like the Farm at Stonehill, the Stonehill community ranging from our professors, advisors, administrators, resident directors and peers have all helped us grow into the people we are today. And like the farm, the lessons learned, as well as the skills and tools used in the process, have equipped our class with the gift of being able to give back to the greater community, once we walk down the Donahue Hill in May to graduate.

Whether Stonehill has inspired us to do a year of service, become a teacher, doctor, law maker or innovator. We have many minds, many interests, many passions, but one purpose- to give back to the community in any way we choose to in our life after Stonehill.

Thank you all very much, and let's continue to grow with each other's help.


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