Pennies From Heaven

August 1, 2016

Rev. Robert J. Kruse, C.S.C.

In many ways, the late Rev. Robert J. Kruse, C.S.C., was like a rare silver dollar: to have him in your life was to feel enriched.

The cerebral and compassionate scholar and administrator, who died last year, was a Stonehill legend valued by all who had the good fortune of knowing him or working with him. A religious studies professor and academic dean, Fr. Kruse played a major role in cementing the College’s place among other liberal arts institutions.

Although Kruse’s passing represents a loss for Stonehill, his legacy continues to thrive thanks to a coin collection originally curated by his father.

Having inherited the collection following Kruse’s death, the College recently sold 63 of the coins, for a total of $8,376. This sale will benefit the Robert and Dorothy (Oliger) Kruse Scholarship, established in 2008 by Kruse in memory of his parents.

A close personal friend of Fr. Kruse, Craig Binney ’83, associate vice president for finance and operations, worked on the sale of the coins,  which he described as a “pennies from heaven outcome. Fr. Kruse would be delighted to know the coins boosted the scholarship and will help more students.”