One Night, Three Awards, Endless Appreciation

April 12, 2017

Alumni Council President Steven Viveiros ’98 (l) and President John Denning, C.S.C. presented the awards to (center, l to r) Nicole Bollerman ’10, Judith Salerno ’73 and Catherine Campbell ’96.

This year, the Alumni Council bestowed three awards upon graduates: the Outstanding Alumnus Award, the Alumni Service Award and the GOLD (Graduate Of the Last Decade) Award. For the first time, these awards were presented to the recipients on the same night-which meant the celebration on the evening of March 31 in Alumni Hall was threefold.

The Outstanding Alumnus Award was presented to Judith Salerno ’73, who has achieved distinguished professional success that, in turn, has brought honor to the College. She was selected in recognition of her achievements as former president and chief executive officer of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the most widely known and largest breast cancer organization in the country. Salerno’s work with the Komen Foundation to fight the disease and support patients and survivors is inspiring. The Alumni Council is proud of her accomplishments and grateful for the honor that her work has brought to Stonehill.

For volunteering her time and talents in service to the College and the Alumni Association, Catherine Campbell ’96 was recognized with the Alumni Service Award. For years, she has answered the call to serve her alma mater as needed-including her tenure as president of the Alumni Council and chair of its various committees. The Alumni Council is appreciative of her commitment to the College and of the work she continues to do to help advance Stonehill and its Alumni Association.

The recipient of the College’s first GOLD Award, third-grade teacher Nicole Bollerman ’10 was recognized for her dedication to the students and the community at UP Academy in Dorchester. Her now well-known contest entry seeking a gift of books for her students-which led to her donating a grand prize of $150,000 to her school-was certainly enough to demonstrate her commitment to education. Her story highlights her extraordinary generosity.

At the event, President John Denning, C.S.C. remarked, “It is more than safe to say that Cathy, Nicole and Judy, in their individual ways, are living truly purposeful and rewarding lives, not just for themselves but with others in mind.”

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