Mobile Market Expands

July 20, 2017

Farm Manager Bridget Meigs

Building on previous grants, the Vela Foundation has awarded the College $10,000 to expand the work of the Mobile Market operated by The Farm at Stonehill.

With this grant, the Mobile Market, which sells farm produce below cost at the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, launched the first markets of its 2017 season on June 14.

Funding supports additional staff members to serve and promote the Market in the local community and allows the Market to offer residents a wider range of fruits and vegetables.

The grant will also underwrite a one-day What’s Growing on Your Campus summit at Stonehill for campus farmers and community organizations interested in making the region’s food system more responsive to local needs.

“Yet again, the Vela Foundation has stepped up to help the Mobile Market build its community outreach and to expand the range of vegetables and fruits it offers at below cost prices to our neighbors who do not have access fresh produce. Their support is invaluable and we are very grateful for the partnership we have with them,” said Marie Kelly ’00, director of corporations and foundations, who collaborated in crafting with Farm Manager Bridget Meigs in drafting the College’s proposal to the Vela Foundation.

To see a Mobile Market Snapshot from last year, visit here.