Meet Stonehill's Blue Man

October 27, 2017

Professor Matt Greene

Well before he became the Artistic Director of the Stonehill Theatre Company (STC) earlier this year, Professor Matt Greene spent six years performing more than 1,000 times with the famed Blue Man group. (See Below: Professor Greene, with yellow jar during his Blue Man days)

As the STC gears up for its upcoming performance of Almost, Maine in November, we caught up with Greene. Here are four things you need to know about the actor, director and author:

Why Stonehill?

I was attracted by the opportunity to work with a student-focused theatre department and am eager to collaborate with our students. What I bring to this collaboration is a belief that theatre is story-driven and founded in truthful human interaction, which represents a new direction for our program and is very exciting.

What’s Your Approach to Theatre?

Theatre is beautiful and ugly, uncomfortable and exhilarating. What it shouldn’t be is just a fun night out. Theatre mustn’t just affirm everything you believe in, but rather challenge those beliefs so that you can reflect, examine and gain empathy for others—especially for those who think differently than you. We’re very complex creatures. Theatre is the place where we can come together and take part in an event that allows us to see our similarities, and see our own faults. It’s very therapeutic in that way.

Share Something Quirky from your Stage Career?

During a show the actor Alan Alda from MASH had to throw a Toblerone chocolate bar at me and I had to catch it in my mouth. He went 3 for 3!. He was a great sport and personally came up to each of us and thanked us. Not all celebs were as humble and gracious.

Any Special Reflections on Your Blue Man Experience?

I met my wife, Aubrey, at Blue Man, where she was working a part-time house staff position while also working full time as an architect designing theatre spaces. Somehow we’d always be paired up during meet & greet after the shows. You could say our relationship started well before we ever spoke to each other. Chances are I would have fouled it up if I had talked. Silence really is golden.

STC Presents "Almost, Maine"

Thursday, November 9, 2017 | 7:30 – 9:30pm Location: Hemingway Theatre (Duffy Room 102)

It’s winter in Almost, Maine. Salty waitresses, lost visitors, tough and not-so–tough women and men crack open some beer, start their snowmobiles, pitch a tent, and gather under the northern lights to try to make sense of this strange thing called love. Funny, sexy, sad, and ever-searching, the people of Almost, Maine are stalked by dreams and fears alike as they ante up again and again determined to get past the 'almost' to capture the real. Love is local and the world is strange in this midwinter night’s dream.

Tickets: Student - $5.00 Seniors Citizens and Stonehill Community - $10 General Public - $15.00

Tickets may be purchased at or by calling the box office: 508.565.1458