HOPE Friendship Comes Full Circle

January 12, 2018

On a HOPE trip to the Dominican Republic in 2008, Karol Delgado ’10 immersed herself in service at Hogar del Niño, a school for low-income students in La Romana, a city on the country’s Caribbean coast. In the process, she made new and lasting friends.

“I had an amazing experience there and met really great people, especially the junior and senior students who assisted us in our work at the school," recalls Delgado, a registered nurse case manager at a community health center today.

“Those juniors and seniors guided us through the school and helped us with our painting and art projects in the classrooms. Many of us have stayed in touch through social media,” adds Delgado who caught up with one of her Dominican friends when he visited Boston recently.

In town to see family members, Geuri Garcia, now an architect in the Dominican Republic met with Delgado, who took him on a tour of the campus on a cold winter’s day.

“Geuri holds Stonehill very dear in his heart as well as the students he met during the HOPE trips. The bonds formed ten years ago remain alive and the friendship between here and there has come full circle," notes Delgado.

“Going on the HOPE trip was one of the best things I did in College but it is a gift that keeps giving and, for that I am very grateful,” she explains.