Graphic Design Work of Stonehill Seniors on Display at Carole Calo Gallery

April 17, 2014

The work of Stonehill’s graduating graphic design major is currently on display at the College’s Carole Calo Gallery in the Cushing-Martin building.

The Graphic Design Annual 2014 features the work of the following members of the Class of 2014: Jorden Campbell, Tara Hurley, Kat Kaasila, Jacqueline Kolgraf, Avonlea Mayne, Michelle Montinieri, Shannon O’Neill, Burke Oppenheim, Meghan Pascarella, Alyssa Reynolds, Ashley Robinson, and Kelsey Shannahan.

The exhibition includes work in advertising, publication design, motion graphics, web design, typography, package design, and more.

The students invite guests to explore their innovative gallery and to learn about the processes they used—including various “command shortcuts”—which brought each work into the world.

The symbol “⌘” carries several different meanings—but to Mac users, and particularly to graphic designers, it signifies the “command” key. This key works with others to form “keyboard shortcuts,” which facilitate the designer’s work in various programs including the Adobe Creative Suite.

Known historically as St. John’s Arms and the Bowen knot, ⌘ has functioned in Scandinavian countries to indicate places of interest, and it has also been used as an emblem of true love. It is the students’ hope these meanings are applicable in their gallery.