From Stonehill to Beacon Hill: Seven Young Alumni Forge Careers in Politics

November 6, 2013

In these days of legislative gridlock and partisan divisions, politics can be a dirty word in some quarters. Yet, for seven young Stonehill alumni, public service remains a noble calling. All seven studied political science or history at Stonehill and, while not naïve, they see politics as the art of the possible.

On Beacon Hill, they follow in the footsteps of other alumni, including State Representatives Chris Markey ’90, Claire Cronin ’82 and State Senator Tom Kennedy ’03.

Professor of Political Science Peter Ubertaccio, who advised several of the young alumni when they were students, describes them as sharp young professionals who have what it takes to succeed

“They are thoughtful and caring and have bright ideas. Good team players, they bring passion to what they do. And, cynicism notwithstanding, if our political system is to renew itself, we need this generation of young people to get involved if the system is to be more effective.”

Joseph Masciangioli ’13
Title: Director of Constituent Services, Senator Thomas Kennedy ’03
Hometown: Harwinton, Conn.
Major: Political Science & International Studies
Why Politics? I love politics. Following politics has always been something I've done in my spare time. Why not make it my career? 
Future Career Plans: My exact path is not quite clear yet but I hope that, by communicating and working with constituents to solve their everyday problems, I will identify a policy area to which I can devote the rest of my career.  

Lindsey Beauregard ’13
Title: Legislative Aide for Senator Michael Moore
Hometown: Millbury, Mass.
Major: Political Science & International Studies
Why Politics? At Stonehill, I became interested in politics and the legislative process and soon wanted to help the community though public service.
Future Career Plans? I’m enjoying the work that I’m doing at the State House and look forward to future endeavors serving the community.

Kate Kelly ’09
Title: Research Analyst for Chairman David P. Linsky of the House Committee on Post Audit and Oversight
Hometown: Duxbury, Mass.
Major: Political Science
Why Politics? It's rewarding to go home every day knowing that I did my best to help make the Commonwealth a better place.
Future Career Plans? I want to pursue a PhD in order to teach public policy while continuing to work at the State House. My job exposes me to new learning opportunities daily & I’d love to share that with students learning about the state & local legislative process.

Meghan Kilcoyne ’10
Title: Legislative Director for Chairman Harold Naughton, the House Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security
Hometown: Sterling, Mass.
Major: History
Why Politics? I have been fortunate to not only enrich my own understanding of government and law, but also work with talented staff and officials on critical issues and policy that will hopefully help the lives of people throughout the Commonwealth
Future Career Plans? While I don't have immediate plans, I have begun exploring the possibility of law school to enhance my skill-set and hopefully enable me to continue to work in public service and policy.

Alexandria Penta ’13
Title: Policy Analyst for House Minority Leader Representative Brad Jones
Hometown: Topsfield, Mass.
Major: Political Science
Why Politics? I wanted the opportunity to help better the state and community on relevant issues that affect citizens of the Commonwealth.
Future Career Plans? I am exploring law school possibilities.

Zachary Tsetsos ’12
Title: Director of Constituent and Community Relations Senate President Pro Tempore Richard T. Moore
Hometown: Oxford, Mass.
Major: Political Science & International Studies
Why Politics? My motivation is to make government more responsive to the needs of others. 
Future Career Plans? Governor of Massachusetts!

Robert Murphy ’12
Title: Research Analyst, Office of Representative Cheryl Coakley-Rivera, Assistant Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Ways & Means
Hometown: Longmeadow, Mass.
Major: Political Science
Why Politics? I became interested in politics and public service after taking multiple Political Science courses at Stonehill.
Future Career Plans? I am applying to law school in order to further my career in public service.


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