Flashback 1978: Moving-in & Getting Settled

August 20, 2015

With move-in day for first year students next Saturday, life as a college student will soon begin for them. Reflecting on her experience moving in and getting settled into college life, Annie Roohan Krasnicki '82, below right in her yearbook photo, takes us back almost four decades to a time before social media and when moving-in was less organized than it is today. Here are some of her memories.Annie krasnicki

No Pre Bonding
I do not recall reaching out to my roommate, prior to that late August day. Orientation conflicted with my high school graduation, which meant I did not bond with anyone prior to "move in."

Heavy Lifting
We did not have help lugging our belongings up to the third floor of Boland Hall.  The Resident Director suggested we pull up to the back entrance for easy unloading.  Thank goodness for the elevator.  

Pay Phones
There was one pay phone on each wing and, with so many of us, getting to it was a challenge. On Sundays, I would call home collect but my parents would say, "No operator, we will not accept the charges."  Thirty seconds later, of course, they’d call me back.

phone boothSnail Mail
No social media, no cell phones, only snail mail from the good old post office.  We checked that little box twice a day if not more often, hoping for a glimpse of home and friends.  We wrote our friends and family and hoped they wrote back.  

Intercom Communication
In Boland, there were always announcements over the intercom. I heard one inviting anyone interested in the Cross Country team to come to the lobby, a free pair of sneakers might have been involved. I had been a high school cheerleader and played basketball...but running? Spring 1978 was the first year my high school had a cross country team. This was not a sport or so I thought. Somehow I found myself on the team for the next four years and LOVED it!

Limited Television
There was no TV in the Boland lobby and we did not have one in our room. With my new roomies, I went to the College Center to watch Roots, the epic miniseries about an African-American slave and his descendants. 

Making Close Friends
We were among maybe a dozen people watching the first night of Roots. I can't recall the guys, if there were any there. But, some of those girls are still my closest friends today. Recently several of us went away together for a weekend.

Missing Home?
The first few days felt like a week, the first week felt like a month. I was so excited to get home for Columbus day weekend.  However, funny thing, I was even more excited to get back to school at the end of the weekend, to my new friends!

Congrats Class of 2019
Take advantage of everything Stonehill has to offer, within reason (sleep is still important)!  Absorb all the knowledge... from the classroom to the people you will meet.