Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Understanding Justice

January 22, 2016

Dr. King once proclaimed: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Below there are three reflections from members of the Stonehill community on the meaning of that quote by the great Civil Rights leader.

Being Empathetic
“We are all interrelated, particularly in the United States. If I fail to see the injustices faced by black Americans in the South, Native Americans on reservations, students in low-funded schools, or any other group of people caught in systemic oppression, I prevent myself from being empathetic towards others. This would also keep me from recognizing my own privileges and using them to educate those around me on the causes about which I am passionate. Injustice for some is an injustice for all because we rely on each other for growth, love, and support,” Morgan Simko ’16

A Play on Words
"Inequality and unfairness anywhere are a threat to equality and fairness everywhere," Professor of Spanish Bob Faria

Healing Wounds
“Each of us can make an impact in our communities.  When we encounter injustice we need to speak up and work together to right any wrong. Staying silent is not an option, what we do together to heal wounds of the past and to strengthen our community ties will change us for the better,” Healthcare Administration Professor Mary Anne Miller

During MLK Week, students and faculty stopped by the Dining Commons to sign the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Day Pledge. Honoring Dr. King’s legacy and non-violent work, they pledged to make the College and the larger community, a more inclusive and equitable place for all people.

To see photos from the event, visit here.