Dave Girvan ’13 Crowned Mr. Stonehill 2012

December 10, 2012

Dave Girvan '13 was crowned the newest Mr. Stonehill in the 14th edition of the event, which took place on Saturday night in the Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex. Girvan, along with nine other "tributes" competed in the Mr. Stonehill "Games," a fun spin-off of the hit movie and book series, "The Hunger Games." 

The contestants began the night entering the Sports Complex like the "tributes" from the hit film. A panel of ten judges, including last year's winner, Randy Jose '13, voted for their favorites in three categories- swimsuit, talent and formal wear.

Hosts Julia Crane '13 and Cameron Hill '13, of the "Capitol" introduced each of the competitors throughout the evening, while co-hosts and question masters Lauren Lessard '14 and Prithak Chowdhury '15 attempted to stump the audience with Mr. Stonehill trivia between scenes.

The competition kicked off with the swimsuit portion, as the ten men creatively displayed their finest beach attire. Sean Davenport '15 dove under the sea with his "merman" impression, but no one could outdo Girvan, the eventual winner in his "Skyhawk Angel" suit.

In the most anticipated portion of Saturday's festivities, the competitors showed off a variety of different talents in an attempt to jockey for top prize. Craig Riotto '13 gave a humorous rendition of the Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update" skit with a Stonehill twist that had the audience laughing. Classmate Michael Hershberg '13 sang his way to the Best Talent prize with his rendition of Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight," accompanied by the a capella group Surround Sound, and Ruckus step team.

Kyle Weeks '13 cashed in on the latest dance craze, creating a music video to the hit song "Gangham Style." Matt Smith '15 sung and played the piano to Ron Pope's "A Drop in the Ocean." Girvan's impression of "Jingle Bell Rock" from the Mean Girls movie shared the Best Talent prize with Hershberg.

In the final round of the night, the contestants put on their Sunday best, and strutted across stage with their female escorts. The formal wear competition, with tuxedos donated by guest judge John Merian '81 of Tuxedos by Merian in Brockton, showcased the glam and glitz of all ten men. In the end, it was Weeks who stole the show, winning the Best Formal Wear category, with the help of his escort Lauren Bombadier '13.


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