Autism Speaks President To Visit Stonehill Thursday

February 8, 2012

One of the newest clubs at Stonehill, Autism Speaks U, will host a fundraiser/presentation featuring the president of Autism Speaks, Mark Roithmayr. The event, free and open to the public, will take place this Thursday at 8PM in the Martin Auditorium. Snacks and refreshments will be sold at the event, with all money being donated to Autism Speaks.

The mission of Autism Speaks is to improve the life of all people with autism, including developing new treatments that can address challenges in communication and physical health, and also increasing the respect, acceptance, and support of people with autism.

Autism Speaks U allows college students from around the country to host awareness, advocacy and fundraising events for Autism Speaks. Since its inaugural event at Penn State in 2006, Autism Speaks U events have raised over $1 million and student-organized Walk teams have brought in millions more.

Roithmayr became Autism Speaks' first full-time president in 2005. In his first two years he helped merge three organizations; Autism Coalition for Research and Education, National Alliance for Autism Research and Cure Autism Now into Autism Speaks.

Today Autism Speaks is North America's largest autism science and advocacy organization, raising $58 million annually to fund programs in research, awareness, advocacy and family services.

Among the top accomplishments during Roithmayr's tenure include committing over $160 million to scientific research and the growth of the Walk program to over 90 Walks throughout North America with nearly 400,000 participants, passing autism insurance reform in 28 states, along with increasing autism awareness by 45 percent in the general public.

Prior to Autism Speaks, Roithmayr worked for 20 years at the March of Dimes Birth Defect Foundation where he last served as Sr. Vice President for Revenue Development helping that foundation raise over $220 million.


For more information, contact Communications and Media Relations at 508-565-1321.