Addressing Medication Disposal on Campus

July 14, 2016

Given the risks associated with unused and expired medication, the College has installed a medication disposal bin in the old Student Union building.

Located near the Stonehill College Police Department office, the bin offers students, faculty and staff a secure location where they can drop off old medication in a responsible way.

Installed last week, the bin will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“This is a proactive, effective and sustainable way to dispose of medication that might otherwise pose a health or safety risk or damage the environment,” said SCPD Chief Peter Carnes who advocated for a disposal unit on campus. The College now joins a growing number of local communities that are introducing medication disposal bins.


prescription patches
prescription medications
prescription ointments
over-the-counter medications
medications for pets

NOT accepted

Hydrogen Peroxide
needles (sharps)
medication from businesses or clinics
aerosol cans
ointments lotions or liquids