Monday Morning Update

November 3, 2014

Sky Views: A series of stunning aerial photos of the campus broke Like records on the College’s Facebook page last week. To capture the sweeping beauty of the campus, the Marketing Department hired a small radio-controlled helicopter, which also took images for an upcoming video. To see the aerial photos, visit here.

Procrastination: We’ve all suffered from it at one time or another and, in a recent Summit article, History Professor Amy Houston explained why many students procrastinate, agonizing over writing papers and leaving them until the last minute. “It isn’t because you’re irresponsible or lazy, or because you don’t care about your classes. In fact, you procrastinate because in some ways, you care too much.” While promising no cure, she gave students suggestions on how to cope with the “Great Procrastination Shame Cycle.” One of her five recommendations centered on letting go of perfectionism, “It’s far easier to transform a crappy draft into a good one than it is to sit down and write a good paper from scratch.” To read more of her advice, visit here.

Hall of Fame: The College held its 26th annual Athletics Hall of Fame induction ceremony recently. This year’s honorees included Helen Phillips ’86 from the softball and women’s basketball program, Michael Barros ’88, from the men’s basketball program, Dan Gamache ’95 from the football program and Mike Close ’00 from the ice hockey and baseball programs as well as current men’s and women’s cross country and track and field head coach Karen Boen and former Dean of Admissions Brian Murphy ’68. Gamache’s family was so proud of his induction that they made a special Stonehill blazer for him to wear at the ceremony. To see it along with other pictures from the event, visit here.

Praying: The newspaper of the Fall River Diocese, The Anchor, recently interviewed retired professor and Academic Dean Rev. Robert J. Kruse, C.S.C. ’55 about the number of chapels on campus. With his trademark dry wit, Fr. Kruse noted “We do have a lot of chapels on campus. From the looks of it, you’d think all we did was pray.” To read The Anchor’s front page story, visit here.

Highly Rated: For the past five years, student athletes at Stonehill have been achieving an Academic Success Rating (ASR) of 96 percent, according to the NCAA. For more on how our athletes succeed in the classroom and in athletic competition, visit here.

Cause of the Month: The Farm at Stonehill has been selected as the November "Cause of the Month" at Not Your Average Joe's restaurant in Randolph. This means 15% of every bill will go directly to the Farm every Tuesday in November. To ensure your participation, print or show on your phone this certificate.

Trick or Treat: Every Halloween, children of Stonehill employees, alumni and neighbors dress up and go Trick or Treating on campus. When the children visited the residence halls on Wednesday night, our students greeted them with plenty of candy. To see our Trick or Treat photos, visit here.

RIP: We note with sadness the recent passing of a noted faculty member from the College’s early days, Professor Elizabeth “Betty” Mahoney who came to Stonehill in 1959, just 11 years after the College opened. For the next 36 years, until she retired in 1995, Mahoney taught Spanish at all levels, chaired the Language Department and served on numerous campus committees. We also note the passing of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. In 2009, before he began campaigning for what would be his final term in office, he spoke to Stonehill students at an event in Alumni Hall. In his talk, Mayor Menino addressed the challenges of urban politics and explained his own practical, grass roots approach to governing and guiding a large metropolitan city.