Monday Morning Update

October 13, 2014

ND 3+2 Connection: Stonehill's affiliation with the University of Notre Dame gives our students two degrees in five years and a valuable advantage. And, the demanding 3+2 engineering program, which includes aerospace, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental or mechanical engineering, is more popular than ever. For the Class of 2018, there were 272 applications; making it the fourth most popular major behind Business, Biology and Education, and, last fall, Stonehill welcomed a class of 30 engineers. For more, visit here.

Celebrating Service: Now in its second year, the Stonehill Service Corps (SSC) program in Brockton has nine young alumni, up from four last year, serving full-time with a variety of non-profits across the City. The young alums live together in a renovated home on the grounds of Christ the King parish/Trinity Catholic Academy and are challenged to live simply in solidarity with those they serve. They receive modest stipends to cover their food and other incidentals. To learn more about the work of each SSC alum in this year’s program, visit here.

Is College Worth It?: The answer is an unambiguous yes for Eileen O'Leary, assistant vice president and director of student financial assistance. In a recent HigherEd Jobs article, O’Leary notes that when those with and without college degrees are surveyed, significant personal benefits accrue to those with college degrees, such as higher job satisfaction, less chance of unemployment, potential for higher earnings, greater social mobility, and better health, all of which lead to a higher quality of life in general. To read her article, visit here.

Chance and Providence: The battle between those who believe in evolution, which relies on random mutations, versus those who embrace creationism, which relies on divine purposes, is old news. But an upcoming conference at Stonehill will bring together leading scientists and scholars of religion to examine the nuanced interplay of chance and providence, as it appears in every imaginable venue from Big Bang cosmology to the suffering of Job in the Old Testament. The conference, “Abraham’s Dice,” takes place on November 16-19 and is open to the public. For more on the Conference, visit here.

Stars and Stones: Hiking in the canyons of Arizona recently, Ed Preneta ’71 got a pleasant surprise when his Roads Scholar geologist guide referenced Physics Professor Chet Raymo. As the guide discussed the night sky and rock formations, he noted three Raymo books on stars and stones, 365 Starry Nights, Walking Zero, and Written in Stone. In an email, Preneta told us that “it was a proud moment to be a Stonehill alum.” A sociology major, Preneta retired three years ago after a career in public health with a focus on disabilities. While he has read some of Raymo’s books, he is now “going to read more-including the ones on rocks, stars and physics.”

Strides Against Breast Cancer: For ten years now, Stonehill students, with staff and faculty support, have been participating every October in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Boston. Thanks to the efforts of the Colleges Against Cancer Club, more than 100 students participated in this year’s five mile walk. To see a group shot of our walkers before they headed to Boston, visit here.

Alumni Magazine: Last week, thanks to our colleagues in the Mail Room and in Facilities, we shared the latest Stonehill Alumni Magazine with the College community. If you did not receive a copy and would like one, email Or, you may visit the new online edition here.