Monday Morning Update

November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving: Below are some Thanksgiving reflections from members of the Stonehill community.

Well Wishes: Out for three months earlier this year for health reasons, I am thankful for my extended family at Stonehill whose love, support and prayers came to me in a deluge of cards, flowers, gifts, meals for my family, and other well wishes.  Overwhelming! Amazing! Frances Foote ’87, Business Administration, Psychology & Physics

Good in the World: It is easy to be consumed by all the death and destruction we hear about. I'm thankful we also hear stories of people rushing to the aid of others and doing what is right.  I am thankful that people will reach out to strangers, will donate time and money, will turn in lost and found items, will share a smile, will tell someone they matter, and that people do care.  I'm thankful there is still good in this world. Emily Messier ’15

Roommate: I am thankful for my roommate; for being so strong and courageous and always being there for me when I am down. I can’t imagine how sophomore year would have been without having her as my amazing and beautiful roommate. Danielle Turner ’16

Selfless Giving: Diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, my father-in-law expressed a desire to see a Daytona race with his three sons as part of his bucket list.  Within 24 hours, family and acquaintances have offered accommodations, a rental car, and gas money. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude towards those who are kindly and selflessly giving to my family. Kim Wheeler ’06, Advancement

Stable Home: I am thankful that my parents have set a stable home for us and provided us with the means to acquire skills that have helped me and my sister attend good schools. My parents worked hard to give us everything we have and need. I am happy they modeled these skills for me. Marissa Jordan ’17

Best Version: Everyone at Stonehill wants to invest in you becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. There's no place on earth that I can imagine myself receiving the same  opportunities that Stonehill has offered me in my time here and I'm incredibly thankful for that. Danielle Berkman ’16

Alma Mater: I am thankful for good health and a wonderful family—as well as one heck of an alma mater. Matt Gorman ’11

Creativity: I’m thankful for creative expression, vibrant colors, and spontaneous inspiration. Dana Wilson, Center for Writing and Academic Achievement

God’s Presence: I’m grateful to God for the all-too-often-taken-for-granted gifts he gives: Life, all needs and many wants met, health, family, friends, and His everyday presence. Professor Geoffrey Lantos, Business Administration

My Wife: I am most thankful for my pregnant wife! Her strength is evident as she powers through teaching art to middle school students all day while handing the nausea and exhaustion that comes with her pregnancy. I am grateful for Amanda, because she will gives us the best gift ever this coming April. Joshua Rapoza, IT

Larger Hearts: Thanksgiving falls on the day my grandfather lost his battle to cancer last year. I am thankful we can take my grandmother into our house and our warm hearts while respectfully remembering my grandfather I am thankful for her strength and optimism.  I am thankful for my family being supportive, of not only her, but everyone else this past year.  Our hearts have grown larger and more accepting and I cannot be more thankful for this.  Togetherness is the best thing we can offer one another. Tijana Samardzic ’14

Loyal Readers: We wish all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank You.