Monday Morning Update

October 21, 2013

Bridge Dedicated: The new pedestrian bridge which crosses Ames Pond and connects the east and west sides of campus was officially dedicated last week. Named in honor of Rev. Thomas Feeley, C.S.C., who taught philosophy at the College for over 35 years, the bridge sits nine feet above the water and is 10 feet wide and 110 feet long. “The bridge shows how we can reimagine possibilities and see opportunities for making things better.  And symbolically, the bridge touches on an opportunity for coming together as a community,” said President John Denning, C.S.C. at the ceremony. To read more about the bridge and to see photos, visit here.

Yin & Yang: The late Pulitzer Prize-winning author Norman Mailer once noted that he and J. Michael Lennon ’63 were “designed for each other as some species of American Yin and Yang, as hot dogs, perhaps, and mustard. His talents, his discipline, and his ambition form a complement to all the slacks, voids, and indolences of my nature.” Not just a friend of Mailer, Lennon, who was an English major at Stonehill, became his official biographer. Having written extensively about Mailer, he recently completed a 900-page biography of him called Norman Mailer: A Double Life. Last week, National Public Radio ran a favorable review of A Double Life. To read or listen to that review, visit here.

Big Old Houses: Realtor John Foreman loves big old houses and writes a popular weekly column on the topic for New York Social Diary. In September, he spent a morning at Stonehill exploring Donahue Hall, which was built in 1905 by Frederick Lothrop Ames. Foreman has a sharp eye for architectural and historical detail and his story is generously supported by a strong photo selection.  To read his piece, visit here.

Auction Action: An African Safari. Red Sox tickets. Weekend Getaways. Bid on these and hundreds of other great prizes, from fine jewelry to the best restaurants, at the Alumni Auction on Saturday, November 2 at 7 p.m. in the Martin Institute. Proceeds will benefit the Rev. John McCarthy, C.S.C. Scholarship Fund, which was created in honor of Fr. Mac who served Stonehill as Alumni Minister, Campus Minister, coach and mentor. For more on the auction, visit here. If you have a gift item to donate or if you want to reserve tickets, call the Alumni Office at 508-565-1343.

Art Project: After her recent exhibit in the Cushing-Martin Gallery, mixed media artist Adria Arch worked with students in one of Professor David Kinsey's classes to transform the windows of the Cushing-Martin building. Using doodle drawings the students made while listening to different types of music, Arch scanned the drawings and printed them onto transparencies which were eventually cut into colored adhesive vinyl and adhered to the windows. To see the final results of their work, visit here. For more on the project, visit here.

Best of Both Words: With each passing semester, I find more and more reasons to love my school. Now that I’m nearing the end of my semesters here, this list has become quite lengthy. The small, tight-knit community of Stonehill constantly leaves me challenged, inspired, and laughing. We students get the best of both worlds with a very all-inclusive campus as well as very close proximity to the great city of Boston. That’s from Megan Lewis ’14 writing in the Huffington Post. To read the article, which explores her love of fashion, visit here.