Monday Morning Update

September 30, 2013

Real People: Physically, Peter Wong, who has spastic cerebral palsy, is one of the most disabled people that Healthcare Administration Professor Warren Dahlin has ever met. In spirit and mentally, however, Wong is perhaps the least disabled person Dahlin knows. The two have been friends for 40 years and co-teach a course at Stonehill called Disability?. Recently, FOX 25 in Boston featured Wong and Dahlin in its Real People, Real Stories program, which expertly tells how Wong, who was expected to choke to death because of his condition, defied those odds.  Today, at 52, he lives an independent, productive life. To see the video, visit here.

Sharp Dressed Man: At Inauguration last week, Neil Roche ’53 wore a tuxedo as he carried his class banner. When the students, who had been applauding the members of our pioneering classes, saw Roche dressed stylishly for the occasion and walking with determination, they stood in respect and with thunderous applause. Given that reception, we share some insight on the man in the spotlight. Among the first Stonehill graduates to be admitted to the Massachusetts Bar, Roche has practiced law for more than five decades. After graduating from Boston College Law School, he served as an active duty Army JAG Officer and remained active in the Army Reserves for 30 years. His legacy is the seven children that he and his wife, Joanne, raised. His daughter, Kathleen, graduated from Stonehill in 1988. As a commuting student, he thumbed his way from and to Foxborough. In June, he attended his 60th class reunion. To view a photo of Roche at Inauguration, visit here.

HBO: An HBO award-winning documentary, First Cousin Once Removed, which is about poet Edwin Honig, features Emerita Professor of English Barbara Estrin. Honig served as Estrin’s doctoral thesis adviser at Brown University and the two remained friends until his death in 2011. In his final years, Honig had Alzheimer's and Estrin was his caretaker. The film traces Honig’s life as Alzheimer's takes his memory. The film, now running on HBO, starts and ends with Estrin’s voice, reading aloud his poetry. For more, visit here.

Top Gun: During the Vietnam War, Bill Driscoll ’68 flew 170 combat missions in the F-4 Phantom fighter jet. He holds the Navy's highest medal for valor, the Navy Cross, two Silver Stars, the Purple Heart, and ten Air Medals. An instructor at TopGun, the Navy’s premier flight school, he is also a successful commercial real estate agent.  He recently published Peak Performance Under Pressure, a book about achieving extraordinary results under the most difficult circumstances. Speaking at Stonehill in 1992, he explained how outstanding performances demand rigorous physical & psychological preparation and the book expands on that theme. The first four readers to tell us what award Driscoll received from Stonehill in 1994 will win a copy of Peak Performance Under Pressure. Email

Tales from Abroad: Four out of ten members of the Class of 2013 studied or interned abroad for a semester. The top destinations were Italy, Spain, England, Ireland and Australia, but our students also could be found in Nepal, Tanzania, Chile and Brazil. To discover what our students gain from living elsewhere, try Tales from Abroad this year’s review of our international programs. With stunning photos and first-hand reports, it captures the spirit of Stonehill’s study abroad experience. For a free copy, email