Monday Morning Update

June 24, 2013

Hello Class of 2017!: We recently bid farewell to the Class of 2013 at Commencement, and now we say welcome to the Class of 2017 as the first of two Summer Orientation sessions begin today. A vital step in a student's transition from high school to college, Orientation allows incoming students to get acquainted with not only the College but their new classmates as well. Current students will be introducing Stonehill’s newest class to our community, academic programs and co-curricular life. Many parents and guardians will also participate in Orientation, which offers separate family sessions. To learn more about Summer Orientation, visit here.

First Class: As the Class of 2017 prepares for college life, we turn to a story from Ed Roster ’58 about his first class at Stonehill. After a year in the seminary and four years in the U.S. Navy, Roster entered the College as a sophomore in 1951. Placed in an advanced French class, however, he was overwhelmed on his first day. A successful attorney today, Roster recently recounted his “baptism” at Stonehill, which you can read here.

Exceeds Expectations: When challenged by Trustee James Clark ’76 to support the Sports Complex Expansion, 639 alumni responded by raising $254,361. By exceeding the goal of $250,000, the alumni have secured a $250,000 match from Clark for a total of $504,361. We extend a big thanks to Jim Clark and to our alumni for collaborating to create such a major gift.  Even though the end of fiscal year is approaching, you can still support the expansion of the Sports Complex. Or, you could make an unrestricted gift to the Stonehill College Fund, contribute to a scholarship, make a gift to a community service program or donate to athletics. No matter how you designate your gift, it will enhance the experience for our students. To make a gift, visit here. Thank You!

Alum Named Foundation Leader: The breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure appointed Judith Salerno ’73 as its new Chief Executive Officer last week. Until recently, Salerno headed the Institute for Medicine, a prestigious group that advises the public and private sectors about health and science. Board certified in internal medicine, she is the co-author of The Weight of the Nation, an unflinching look at the severity of obesity in America. At a packed Martin Institute lecture in April, Salerno addressed Stonehill students about the effects of obesity on health and healthcare. She also spoke about the role of women in science and medicine. Earlier in the year, she hosted a lunch for Externship students in Washington D.C.

Randomness: Is God in control and, if there is a divine plan, how does that relate to what we know about the world being unpredictable and random? With a $200,000 grant from the Templeton Foundation, Professors Karl Giberson (science & religion), John Lanci (religious studies) and Maria Curtin (chemistry), along with Ben Carroll ’15, will manage this ambitious project exploring randomness and divine action at a deep interdisciplinary level. With Giberson as the lead investigator, they will engage experts in theology, cosmology, philosophy, and biblical studies in the conversation. Their exploration will focus on the Christian tradition as well as Judaism and Islam. For more on this innovative initiative, visit here.

Catholic Advantage: Students who begin their studies at Catholic colleges tend to stay enrolled in their initial institution, reaping the benefits of more rapid degree completion than students in any other sector of higher education, according to a report by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. At Stonehill, our graduation rate is more than double the national average and our four-year graduation rate is 78 percent versus the national average of 37.9 percent. As Dean of Admissions Dan Monahan notes “The deep sense of community that is fostered at a Catholic college is apparent everywhere you turn at Stonehill. Being part of a welcoming and supportive community deepens our students’ level of engagement and enhances all facets of their experience, from academics to life outside of the classroom and beyond.”

Picture of the Week: Quick with a camera, Joe Kelleher from Facilities Management recently snapped a photo of a deer running across the main quad. To see it, visit here.